Wearable Wednesday Stella Jean

Ok, I know I have questionable taste- but can I have each of these pieces for my Russian peasant Southwest Cossack party?


Security photo taken right before Angela was arrested leaving Pottery Barn:


Little Cyndi Lauper was asked to leave St Bartholin’s girls choir, but she knew one day they’d all be sorry.


Why…..WHY do I not have a tassel sample skirt?????


Are her feet in quarentine? It takes a very unattractive shoe to distract from a gilded monkey fetus dickie. Yes, yes it does.


Look! her tie is tie-dyed…or is it her tye is tie-died or tied-died or….aw, screw it- look at the batik clown suit !


Agnes was only a pilgrim in the Thanksgiving pageant under protest. But I think the administration knew she was trying to send a message.


Behold! I am your High Priestess of the Arts and Crafts Aisle! Anoint me with puffy paint and throw googly eyes at my feet, slaves!


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

29 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Stella Jean

  1. susan snow says:

    I think that the person who designed this stuff must have been on some very bad drugs. As always your commentaries are brilliant. A real good laugh. Thanks!


  2. Utta Retch says:

    I’ll just grab that throw from my sofa. Too bad I will have to walk around holding it closed, but you have to suffer in the name of fashion. I love the see through over shoes. What do you mean they are bonkers?


  3. It’s so nice to see Wearable Wednesday here again! There were a couple of things I liked here. The blue print skirt, the black jacket, the blue jacket, the grey wool coat – the couch throw… I think I just made one of those myself! 😄 I’m not too sure I would wear it all together though! Those see through plastic booties are really funny! And the ankle stockings, although I did see a woman at the office the other day with black shin high stockings and pink Capri pants – eww!



  4. I know the caftan has been big in the “festival wear” circuit, and I actually made one last year, then didn’t wear it. I recently did wear it, and my observations are: Only a stick person can look thin in this (as we are seeing here) but also, that level of comfort should be illegal–I mean, had I skipped under garments, it would have been like streaking in public–SO BREEZY. On that count, I appreciate the loose, flowing clothes. On the other hand, white people are not supposed to dress up like Pocahontas anymore, correct?

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  5. Orymonster says:

    I need some of those foot quarantine things for the next time I drive a bunch of Boy Scouts home from a week at summer camp.


  6. Sewsbadly says:

    I work with medical records and had to laugh at St. Bartholin! Does the school graduate lactation consultants?

    Curl envy, even if it looks like bed head in most of the models!

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