Wearable Wednesday Arthur Arbesser

You know I’m a biog fan off tunic and pants. Maybe my next step is tunic, skirt, pants and scuba suit….


I think these curtains died in  vain.


BY the time Edna reached the end of the catwalk, she had combusted twice.


She looks like the personal pastry chef of a Bond villain.


The print features 45 separate vulgarities in sign language. It’s perfect for travel.


This is exactly what the spiral ham I got for Christmas from my boss was wearing.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

22 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Arthur Arbesser

  1. OH I want to see the Material Lady in the Bond look! Actually that is a scary outfit! I like bits and pieces of some of these. I don’t know why you have to wear a tunic, skirt and pants. Reminds me of having to wear a school uniform with pants underneath because it was snowing at the bus stop.


  2. Utta Retch says:

    The ‘curtains’ outfit is dreadful. I have seen better clothes in those shops where you can buy a skirt suit for £12. As for the rest, the fabrics should have been left on the bolt.


    • They need to see one of those magazine articles where they show you the 75 different looks you can get from one staple wardrobe piece! She’s be ready for 4 straight months of happy plaid layering!


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