Wearable Wednesday Red Valentino

I’m glad someone has designed something that wipes clean for Coachella gals.


Mom, this is Janice, don’t call her my girlfriend, she doesn’t like labels. She only wears thrift shop clothing, refuses to make eye contact with republicans and only eats raw food she has personally met before it was harvested. We’re in love.


I made having all the special textile loving feelings right now.

rd5 Arden, the ghost everyone just ignores.


This totally screams ‘class picture day’. I am seeing it framed on paneling.

Yes, please. Hold the satyr  clogs though.


That  black band of fabric at the crotch feels out of place- although a little more opacity wouldn’t ruin this look.


This is one of those ‘it matched before I hit office lighting’ moments for me.


Don’t you look at me like that Eunice- now you MARCH back upstairs and put the slip on- we’re going to be late for brunch!


photo credits: Style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

40 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Red Valentino

  1. I get the fabrics, I get the nature theme but so many of these looks were around 30 years ago especially the “class picture day”. With all of them I am trying to picture real women with curves wearing them and it doesn’t work. Just hoping that satyr shoes and socks don’t become a thing!

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  2. Jenny says:

    My overall impression is ‘droop’. Well the last one perked up a bit but some of the others seemed to a be a contest for the droopiest! I do like the fabric of the last dress, it has a 30’s look to it but the rest are more ‘sad’ 70’s.

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  3. I’d like to liberate most of the fabrics. Perhaps not the oilcloth. And I’d like to be tall and thin enough to wear the onesie with enormous patte d’elephant trouser legs in pale birdie. Can’t understand the Sunday School Ghost number, oh dear it’s so very wan.

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  4. These are hideous! If they really want the 70s look, they need to find some nice vintage crimpolene. What’s with the handbags, banging against the ribs? That would last, like, 5 minutes.


  5. Jen (NY) says:

    Well, Valentino is not what Valentino once was. They do seem rather nostalgic to me, and one has to wonder if the designer was looking through mom’s old class photos. And yes, I think I do have a photo of me in one those sweater vests from picture day…

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  6. Utta Retch says:

    Individually, a lot of these pieces are quite wearable. I love the print of the first skirt and like the jacket ‘Janice’ is wearing. As ever, though it’s the styling that is off.


  7. susan snow says:

    As always, you are absolutely wonderful. I’m waiting for the next sartorial critique of a Jean Harlow film, you now have fans in France. The rest of the world is waiting…. your oyster, etc. xxoo

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  8. When my daughter wears her sling bags that short I am usually the one sending her upstairs before we are late for brunch. I guess I have a lot to be thankful for, those silly short slings would be the least of problems. Fantastic fabrics, though…

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  9. splendidcakes says:

    I’m just thrilled that they aren’t naked underneath the see-through pieces! I’m a staunch slip supporter but this is a great step forward (or backward, but in a good way) for the fashion world.

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