Wearable Wednesday Veronique Branquinho

What? Even cult followers need to vacay?!


Do you have just a moment to listen to us talk about our divine leader? No?


If you could just meet him- he’s behind these marshes in the van-


The leader has chosen you- it’s a huge honor, he’s only married 43 of us so far.



Wait!!! Don’t go! You’ve been chosen!


Don’t you at least want to buy one of our magazines?


They’ll be back.


photo credits: Style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

44 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Veronique Branquinho

  1. Apart from the breast bone exposure factor, I rather like most of these as cool, summery gear. The styling and photography are pure goth horror though. Any one of these could come crawling out of your TV set tonight…

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  2. sewbussted says:

    Enlarge the first photo and you’ll see the word “Lost” embroidered in the center panel. I think that about sums it up 🙂


  3. A very fitting narrative :-). This shoot is like a creepier (and less funny version) of that long sketch in the first episode of Portlandia about the cult organic farm.


  4. You wear this to that resort where they used the wrong pesticide and killed people, or the off-brand one where someone killed their spouse on their honeymoon. Then you just drift silently along, and suddenly you have the pool to yourself.

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  5. I’m 99% sure these were taken where I live, which would make sense since she’s Belgian. The pictured bank of the river does have a creepy vibe at times, someone even made a horror movie about it!


  6. ellegeemakes says:

    The leaders only married 43 so far? LOL! Good thing you made me laugh because otherwise this crowd would give me nightmares tonight. That being said, I just have to give a shout out to the long pleated skirt with the button up front. LOve!


  7. All I can see in this is that scene in The Shining with those two girls saying “come play with us (Tommy? Johnny? I can’t remember)..” Creepy! That is some pretty fabric though–nice and drapey and I *am* learning how to dye things…

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  8. Some of these pieces I really like! Others aren’t so bad. But, I love white, and may be biased accordingly.

    I also love (real) forensic shows, so I’m totally cool with the creep factor. I think that’s not to this brand’s credit…

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