Burda 7204- sneaky sleeves

This summer I’ve sewn more than I’ve blogged- I’ve actually sewn lots of staple things to wear to work, but mostly things that bore me, so blogging them is not very appealing to me.


You know the type- basics that you just can’t make exciting, but need to own. Perhaps you’ve noticed I keep trying to find other things to blog besides a thrilling 520 words on my new beige capri pants!

I do have a textile victim to display today- Tho I’m not as happy as I could be! You’ll see.


Cute, pleaty, breezy- so comfortable. Throw on a belt- becasue that slight nip in featured on the tech drawing- I never found that! It’s a maxi maxi thing! Perfect for the blazing summer in the south.

I slaved over this. Truly.

I was squeezing out the fabric to get the length and breadth it required.

I hand adjusted and planned the pleats on Ms Holloway to account for my slopiness.

I  changed thread 3 times trying to get the least visible top stitching effect. You know I like to color in my white thread if it is too prominent- my brown fabric marker was not this kind of brown, dang it?!

I redid the bias tape on the armscyes more than once.

Was this dress worth it? I’m still not sure. It wrinkles on sight- I swear I ironed it- I may not have couture skills, but I can apply heat to fabric! Ok, enough complaining- here goes:


Here I am in the unforgiving sun of Mr B’s hops gallows area. I’m hoping the chevrons are busy enough to forgive some lack of fabric mismatched areas!


It’s giving me a lovely pigeonbreast effect as I peek from behind the hops…. this sun is very bright- it’s made me look even more dainty than usual- even a bit washed out- like this right sleeve- what- WTF?????!


Seriously?! I honestly got done, gave it a bit of the iron, found my Betsey Johnson carrot necklace, hit the yard and NOW I  see the right sleeve is inside out. ARRGH?!


I can’t believe my assistant let this happen. The neighbors may have seen me stomping around the yard shaking my chubby fist at fate and wailing- maybe they never noticed…


Ok, I’m going back inside now to decide if I can bring myself to remove the sleeve binding ONE MORE TIME and fix this epic tragedy. Have a lovely sunday all. It’s my Fathers Birthday- so eat some cake, m’kay?



photo credits: pattern review, little me. All images remain the property of the original owner.

46 thoughts on “Burda 7204- sneaky sleeves

  1. I once thought that by the time I reached the point where I was hired and paid to sew for a living, the silly mistakes would be behind me, and I’d never stuff something behind a pile of fabric so that my failure would have no witnesses. Ha! It gets worse because we stop fearing things like sewing machine needles and think we don’t need to double check and WHAM. I made a knit shirt last year and attached the sleeve hem to the armscye so that the sleeve edge is now knobby and bizarre. I blush every time I spot it in there, but I can’t throw it away.

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  2. ellegeemakes says:

    Let’s just say, I’ve been there more than once. Sleeves are tricky beasts, however I must say, that dress is gorgeous, and that fabric!!! I love the back and, since I’m somewhat obsessed with back detailing, I just might have to give this one a whirl.

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  3. A speed bump from the sewing room…I doubt anyone who sees you will notice and if they do, they won’t quite realize why it looks different. This Maxi dress looks cool and comfortable and just waiting for a breeze.

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  4. If you hadn’t said that the sleeve is wrong side out I don’t think I would have noticed. It took me a few seconds of staring at it very intently to see that the colors were a bit more muted on that sleeve. And it’s still a lovely, flowy summer dress. 🙂

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  5. Oh, dear! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve sewn something on backwards, upside down, or inside out! #Solidarity That said, I don’t think it’s noticeable, so I’d have a hard time making myself rip back and redo.


  6. hehehe…. I once sewed an entire circle skirt to a dress inside out. It’s actually the one I’m wearing in the little gravatar on wordpress….. shshshshshsh…. don’t tell anybody.


  7. karen says:

    That fabric is to die for! Definitely your colours. What I have issue with is the belt. Even the skinniest woman alive would look like a sack tied in the middle. A couple of dress darts in the front and back is really all you need. This pattern is designed for at least a couple of inches of ease for the whole dress. It is not designed with a waist feature. Just let that flow happen.
    By the way, I can do one bettr re. the inside out sleeve. I did it twice, exactly the same on a Jacket. You are not alone and others have gone much further.
    That is a very nice cool summer dress pattern. It flatters your red hair and pale skin. If you just let it drape, it would be the perfect summer casual wear.
    Goo job, sleeve notwithstanding.


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