Mccalls 6758 and a Pokemon safari!

So you know I’m pretty cool, right? I mean, of my siblings I’ve definitely the coolest and if asked, I’d say generally people will grudgingly admit that I do not act like a mature, reliable adult. That’s really code for cool. I know.

Part of what makes me so fabulous is my constant up to the minute knowledge of pop culture and what is going on up in here.For Shizzle sticks.

This morning I finished working on Mccalls 6758. It’s OOP, but I’ll probably bring it back by popular demand with my trend setting skills, right? Yup. I only use my powers for good, thankfully. I was headed out to the downtown area to take pictures in the same classy pose as the cover model:


Yeah, it’s a great pose for helping someone understand the pattern and design features, right?ย  Nix that. I’m going to to multi-task. Some local skater kids were playing Pokemon Go and I decided to join them. They were very helpful- they could see immediately what an asset I was to their training team.


So I took their advice and headed out to a field they said was very popular with the rarer beasts and set out to ‘Catch ’em all!’ as the hip say.


Now, about this dress- it has 3 seams up the front and it has a nice little nip to the waist- not truly fitted- I still managed to skip the back zip, but comfortably fitted. I used a painted homespun iridescent cotton I got on a Mary Jo’s trip- I thought this dress had a nice almost military shape to it and the green worked for my vision.

Oh, I think I hear one now- wait- crap! I lost him?!


This collar is a puzzle to me- it lays on sort of a convex angle. I can’t see anyone elses well enough to see if I’m just weird. I tried it several ways and just ended up going convex. IS that a word?


Well, I’m happier with my dress that I am with my new hobby. The kids said I should let them hold my phone, because the pokemon are frightened of the cellular waves and that my net would catch more. So far I’ve seen 3 squirrels. I may never level up.


Being an arbiter of style and trend is hard and hungry work, my people.


photo credits: little me,. pattern review. All images remain the property of the original owners.

33 thoughts on “Mccalls 6758 and a Pokemon safari!

  1. LOL! Love this post…should have known you’d be all over the latest craze ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I actually have this pattern and love the idea of it…just haven’t made it up yet (story of my sewing life!). I’ll have to pull it back out and give it another several months of perusing until it’s time for fall fashions…

    Your dress turned out really cute and flattering – odd collar aside. You look terrific in it!


  2. karen says:

    I love almost everything about the pattern and fit, except I’m not a fan of puff sleeves. That would probably be the one thing I would alter. The dress looks great on you and I have to tell you, the pith helmet just makes the outfit. Definitely the ultimate in cool!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. MaxMechan says:

    Wow, does this make me in with the in crowd too? I started this today and then recognized the hat and the green on your blog picture. The photo on my envelope is of the model standing but it’s no more help with the collar.


  4. The bust drag lines are just telling you to add a little to the side panels at that point but otherwise, it is a great dress with lots of potential like color blocking to give height. No one else can carry off a pith helmet like you!


  5. Mel says:

    Kind of funny that the model has a backdrop of the ocean to go with her beach chair and beach hat. I lol’d at the freaked-out creatures pretending to be Pokemon. My now-married daughter has been into them since they started about 20 years ago so I kind of know what they look like. Yours look better, though. And some very cool, determined looking hunting photos of you.


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