Wearable Wednesday Vetements

I’m not even sure I need to comment on these. But I will. No. I just can’t.


What can I say? It’s like going thru a receiving line at a wedding that you know is a bad idea- but you have to say something to their Mom, but what?


Better luck next time?


I hear good things about the caterer?


Don’t they look happy?


Always nice to get out and see people!


All the pictures are in focus!


Ok, thats it- I’m hitting the punch bowl and sneaking out the back.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

49 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Vetements

  1. sewbussted says:

    Well, I learned a new design tip…When it’s a little too chilly, just pull down the top of your dress, throw on a t-shirt and add an opera length glove. But only one, we still need to pay homage to Michael Jackson’s gift to fashion๐Ÿ˜†
    The first picture looks like the final guy on Alone when they finally come to pick him up after 2 months alone on Vancouver Island!!!!


  2. Somehow you manage to keep finding new levels of weird.

    I like the black denim outfit, minus the ridiculously long belt. They must have added that at the last minute because otherwise it would look too normal.


  3. Well now, the Kermit the frog outfit would be good at a spaghetti fete where no utensils were allowed. The black denim jumpsuit does not work in this collection, it is just too freakin normal. The red one sized down ten notches might work.
    Then on the other hand, I am offended, we spend so much time struggling to achieve a good fit, and this garbage is sent down the runway.
    You are amazing in your finds and your captions. Love reading WW with my first coffee.

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  4. jne4sl says:

    I liked a lot in this show (that you skipped) but most the 90s club wear redeux (in the above) means nothing to me. The black on black Levi’s though I love, love, love–including the model.


  5. What’s the green man wearing behind him? Is it a jacket or a convertible wing contraption for jumping off cliffs and flying like a squirrel? I did notice that on some of the models there are little squares of written messages. Maybe they say, “help, get me out of here!”


  6. Agnes says:

    First model looks like a mugger! Second one looks like he’s planning to audition for a re-tread of Mork & Mindy! Like others, I kind of like the black Levis outfit minus the disturbingly long belt…reminds me of a snake! The pink ensemble looks like something you’d throw on if the house was on fire and you had to cover up QUICK!


  7. Jenny says:

    A couple of these look like cut price cos play. That one in red though (gender unspecific) is giving a definite death stare, “one chuckle and I’ll batter you with my sleeves”.

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  8. Stef says:

    There is so much to unpack here that I am glad you did for us and saved us a few nightmares! The gentleman in the first picture would fit right in here in the slightly less-than-glamorous part of the United Kingdom where I live, especially during a flood that has caused a spate of car thefts and house break-ins.
    The dead look in his eyes would be the icing on the cake, although it’s probably just him mourning his modelling career.

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  9. susan snow says:

    Some of these might make good Hallowe’en costumes. If you want to go as an escaped inmate of the asylum for the criminally insane.


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