Wearable Wednesday Balmain

Bond villainesses have been waiting for this collection!!

Come on, can anyone wear afghan pants without chafing? I chafe at the very notion.

These are very dramatic, I’ll say that. Perfect for announcing that You know who killed Sebastian!

I’ve never seen sheer wood grain before….I can see her….knots

Mr Bond- we are here to disarm you- 

(Insert Roger Moore triple entendre!)

These slit pants are for erotic nights playing the cello, right?

Now how are we going to convince that Kardashian girl to leave the house in more than just a jacket after seeing this!?

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28 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Balmain

  1. Susan Snow says:

    I’m so sad. I wanted to respond but something has gone wonky. All I wanted to say was how much Grace Jones would love these costumes in a James Bond movie. 

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  2. Quite dramatic and you certainly would have to have the perfect figure to wear these delightful knits! Sure hope open front pants do not become the next big thing or my white thighs are in for a viewing…OH NO!

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  3. Just once in my life I want to wear metallic body paint (It would be a big hit at Walmart) but I’m too shy to allow anyone to apply it.

    This collection is really nice. I like most of it but it wouldn’t work for me. Maybe the jacket and maybe the wood grain sweater with something proper underneath.


  4. One of those collections that has me thinking of how I could possibly incorporate any of them into the school pick up. Oh well, I might just have to become a Bond girl instead. Time machine please.


  5. OK, so I’m probably crazy (or maybe it’s my inner Bond girl–Roger Moore was always my favorite!), but I love the Kardashian jacket (it’s completely impractical, but I does not care), and outfits 1 and 3. And these fabrics–I’ll take them all–except the crochet and the wood grain, those are getting some serious side eye.


  6. I love this collection! Not the crochet pants. They’re too 70s, not in a good way. I like the wood dress, it would have been fabulous if they’d lined the whole thing (her ‘knots’ did not add to its beauty….). Huzzah for Balmain!


  7. Oh no, I like a lot of this. Couldn’t wear it without scaring the horses but still like it. I wonder if I could get a part in the Bond film they set in an old folks home. I look a pretty good 80 year old – but then I haven’t hit 60 yet….

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