Wearable Wednesday Rachel Comey

George- you and Eric start bussing tables- I’m getting threatening looks from the ladies waiting for a table-

Leather culottes sounds like a really bad euphemism to me.

I want this coat!!
Eton rethinks relaxing the dress code.

No, I forbid this to become a thing. Save this look for coffins and curtains, please.

Coming this fall- widowed sister wives move to Boca in a Golden Girls reboot you won’t want to miss!

I wish this jacket was more cropped- but it already reminds me of the bathroom signs at our local Mexican restaurant…’Gauchos’ & ‘Boleros’…..

Ok, pretend you are a melancholy charm bracelet!

39 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Rachel Comey

  1. So disappointed – Rachel Comey normally creates wearable and wantable patterns (sorry, needed to add poor taste alliteration to match poor taste collection). I was excited that she seemed to have an elderly model (with the grey hair), but, again, disappointment, she’s a brunette having a bad hair day!

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  2. How do they even expect you to get a good look at the clothes in that last photo?

    I want to get a better look at that print fabric in the next to the last photo. I’ll bet there’s enough fabric in that… whatever you call that thing worn by the model on the stairs, to make something wearable.


  3. Utta Retch says:

    For one moment, I thought you were reviewing H&M’s latest offering. Love the black dress in the first picture and even have something similar already, the denim wrap jacket and the cropped jacket. All in all, this is a WEARABLE collection.


  4. Hélène says:

    Your captions are so horribly funny! Is that Rachel Comey’s recent collection? She’s one of my favorite designers, but the styling here, OMG!


  5. “All that work and so little design” perfect! Hate the coat, like the goth dress [but the model [sorry to body/age shame] needs a bra, and a smile… WTF with the sandals and man socks. That’s NO. A HUGE no. Grey haired model-er…sorry, love grey hair, but ugly. And needs to smile. A beautiful teenager can scowl and look good, a grown woman need to think about her expression if she’s modelling. lol
    On the whole, you could do a jumble sale shop, gather your pals together, and do better than this mess…

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  6. Did someone ask for models who look like they just crawled out of bed before showering? How grim they all look! Maybe they all did just come back from a funeral of one of their friends and all need a drink? I think you can buy that camo jacket at the Army-Navy store nearest you. Yuck…


  7. jne4sl says:

    Oooh, guys, again too close to home. I’m all in on this collection. There are some harsher fabrics and no shortage of things that don’t actually work in my life, but conceptually, YES. I don’t mind some attitude in models especially the not young ones. Yes, I have an RBF and I’ve earned it, I simile plenty but not indiscriminately. I’m not half as cool, but I look like these women who are Comey’s employees apparently, not models clearly. When I wear pants, the fabric actually touches my body, like this: http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2016-ready-to-wear/rachel-comey/slideshow/collection#33, simple as that is, how often is it demonstrated by designers? I absolutely love the prints especially the sort of rectangular rainbows here: http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2016-ready-to-wear/rachel-comey/slideshow/collection#34 In fact, that entire outfit–amazing–all the accessories, everything, they buzz together. I don’t own anything remotely similar, but I think it’s inspired design.

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      • jne4sl says:

        I’d like to see more, too. But she seems to have switched to the retail on demand model so these will be in store and well photographed item by item pretty quickly.

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  8. I love Rachel Comey, so I was really excited to see this post! Oh, did she majorly let me down. This collection is straight up hideous. And I know nipples are natural, but unless they’re part of the design/garment — either turn up the heat or give the models pasties. I kept thinking there were anomalies in the fabric, or bad sewing, only to realize I was staring intently at nipples. Sigh. Maybe her next collection will be good.

    I did like the bolero jacket, and agree it would look better a smidge shorter.

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