Wearable Wednesday Fendi

Be your own picnic!

The bridesmaids at the gingerbread mans wedding:

We have not been praying hard enough if this waistband is coming back. Who dropped the ball??

Mrs Patmore- the gamine years:

I want a tribble sensory trench!

Honoria does an awkward walk of shame in the Steinmarts Christmas tree skirt display area-

Well, we know what Kanya is wearing to the grocery this weekend…

Photo credits: vogue.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

30 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Fendi

  1. sewbussted says:

    The gingerbread bridesmaid dress is rather fun, just needs to have the sleeve ripped off, but then, most bridesmaids dresses need something ripped off of them 😉
    The trench is kinda fun, even with the 3-d Pom pons.


  2. Hmm… despite the wackiest ones here I find myself really digging the off-white culottes. Which is ironic because I don’t think they’d work on me.

    The Kanye West-style fur is just scary…


  3. ryan says:

    oh thank you! – it’s 6 am on a cold wet winter’s morning and I laughed so hard at the picnic dress I spat my tea all over the desk! Then you cemented my affection for you with a mention of tribbles! As a child I named my guinea pig Tribble as it basically looked like one of Star Trek guest stars!


  4. Oh my I love almost all of these! (The Xmas tree skirt baby doll dress is a bit much) but the dresses, the cullottes outfit, the trench coat, I would wear these and not just on special occasions. -Of course, if that is indeed real fur, all bets are off and I’m running over Fendi in my car, as usual.-

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  5. Holy cats, you’re right about the Stein Mart look. It’s hard to encapsulate just what Stein Mart looks like–it’s totally that. And the last look also has that grocery shopper look…obviously very expensive grocery shopping, but yes. Nailed it!

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  6. I do like the print on the gingerbread man one and I kind of like the sailor girl 1914 type one, but then I also liked the Laura Ashley/Di look when it was a going concern, so what can I say?


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