Wearable Wednesday Steinrohner

Ramona was a mood dresser- today was prickly.

Ellen’s aversion to plastic made her the designers least favorite model.

When it’s cold out, but still want everyone to know you’re available-

Yay! The Project Runway industrial tarp challenge!

This gives me a tropical depression.

Turn the music up, Dave- these outfits are squeaky!

Ok, so we don’t need to teach lining OR hemming anymore. Nice.

Oh, Wanda. This is not a valid statement about safe sex.

Photo credits- vogue.com. All images remain the property of the original owner.

42 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Steinrohner

  1. Shower curtains, valances and paper bag waistbands…yuck! That poor first model looks like she was a science experiment after having pollen rubbed all over her she was made to sit in a butterfly house and wait for the insects to attach themselves to her. Your Wednesday posts just brighten my day!


  2. Ramona’s mood dressing was due to a faculty retreat in which nearly three hours would be spent discussing things that could have been accomplished with a once sentence email. I feel her mood, and raise her combat boots and some sort of plasma weapon.

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  3. Deb W says:

    Bwah-ha-ha-ha! Thanks for the gut-busting laugh-out-loud this morning!

    Oh dear…I see possibilities here…does that make me ….odd? No no no. Just creative, right?


  4. Jenny says:

    My first thought when I saw the metal butterfly dress was why would anybody design a dress that couldn’t be worn in real life. You couldn’t sit down in it or get close to anyone, then it dawned on me it’s for commuters! If you were in a packed train or bus everyone else would give you a wide birth, the drawback would be having to stand up though.
    Ok I’m off to create something ‘arty’ with my husbands fishing net and an old shower curtain!

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  5. ellegeemakes says:

    You got me with the industrial tarp challenge. How could you wear that prickly thing? Hilarious! What do you think the designer says was his ‘inspiration?’ Lol

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