Wearable Wednesday Whyred

Fine, Mom. I wore a bra for the college interview.Happy now, establishment drone??

Amateur models- you have to spell everything out. No, the blue is the new duvet for my pekidoodles  travel bed! You’re supposed to wear the stuff on the hanger!

Oh don’t make that face! I wasn’t being critical, I was just wondering if maybe it was supposed to be like that- oh, don’t be so sensitive Phoebe!?

All I said was the other outfit seemed a little revealing- you’ve made your point- you can take off a layer or two- gees a Dickie, really? So sensitive, Becky….

Look, just keep moving- if you stop, they land on you!


Cedric, I said not now! Can’t you see I’m in the middle of a swarm situation??

Photo credits: vogue.com

35 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Whyred

  1. This designer is into rows of tiny buttons and pockets and weird creatures attaching themselves to pantsuits along with pointed tap dance shoes…none of which I want to go near! Looks like Cedric turned up too late to get any of the good fashions and just managed to grab a pair of clam-diggers…you snooze-you lose!

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  2. GAH! Where do I find the “too much money and not enough sense” guy who funds this stuff?! I have a bunch of old feathers somewhere I can staple/glue/stick to some badly cut garments…!

    I. Can’t. Even.



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