Wearable Wednesday Norma Kamali

Ok, we’re all set- Earl, start the fans, ok?

Earl- add another fan- this is alright, but I want more movement. 

Maybe just one more. My vision involves more dervish, less static. 

Earl! Catch her dress! It’s a loaner! Crap! This may be too much wind!?
Come toward me Betheny! I’ll grab you as soon as you are out of frame! It’s ok! I’m here! 
Earl! Weight the purses! Hold her leg! She’s going to fly off! Damn it Earl!!!
She’s lost her sleeve! Run toward the net Andie! We won’t let you hit the fan!thats great Earl! Keep ahold of her waistband! We won’t lose this one!Wait Girls! We need to put the weights in your shoes! 

Hello Tim Gunn? We are gonna need some bigger models…..photo credits- vogue.com. All images remain the property of the original images.

23 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Norma Kamali

  1. Very nice. I might actually wear some of these if I was a stick figure. I’m sort of attracted to the one-sleeve outfit, like I might wear it even not being a stick figure except I don’t think I could deal with having just one sleeve. I’d have to either find the other sleeve or lose the one that’s there.


  2. Oh I love this whole collection! The fabrics and styles, so pretty and wearable. Altho yes, lace needs extra help to make it outerwear so that it’s no longer underwear. The models poses did match nicely with the fan analogy, LOL. But I like their movement. The model angst pose is getting old.


  3. I feel I should be careful…yesterday I had the audacity to suggest (on another, far less entertaining fashion blog) that Carolina Herrera’s stripes were boring. Lord help me, I was taken to task, and I have sat on my hands not to point out that a) I can make all that stuff and am b) Queen of Stripes in my shop, BUT, STILL, I’m bored of stripes. So there. In related news, I am horrified by the lace that’s all up in the inner thigh/lower vag area….it gives me labia pain imagining the pinching. “Why haven’t you sat down today?” “You know how those old fashioned lawn chairs pinch your balls? That’s what this jumpsuit is doing to my lady bits” I have never liked all lace clothes, I don’t care about the designer’s indifference to trend and need to reference her own work, lace is itchy, pinchy and gross. So endeth the rant.

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    • I don’t know… stretch lace can be soft. I have been tempted by lace leggings, keeping in mind of course that LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. (sorry, pet peeve makes me a little shouty)


    • A. Cleary says:

      I second the rant and add my own. What woman would wear (outside the boudoir & for recreational purposes) a lace top without some sort of nip camouflage? Add that to the pinchy vag issue and you’ve got something not just unwearable but a bit degrading to the model. Is my age showing? So be it.
      As for the rest of the collection. Some OK. Not up to Norma Kamali’s best, though. That’s the downside of having a rep for exciting, trendy & wearable design. Everything after that is judged by that standard.


      • I don’t like any of the fabrics, and I’m really hesitant to say this because I know you’re a devotee of animal prints, and I respect that, I really do! I haven’t been able to develop an appreciation, and I don’t like teal, and I like lace only in limited applications where it gets to swish. But I’m offended by the all but exposed crotches. Are women allowed no modesty at all? (I’m also offended by the outfits female olympic athletes have to wear.) I don’t think these clothes confer any power, strength or authority to the wearer. (I have a feminist blog in addition to this one 🙂

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