Hey look, I sewed something!

If you know me, you know I get burned out on a season about 3 months before my local climate changes. What can I say? I’m a fickle beast. 

It’s October now! I want to see fall, but it’s still 9 degrees hotter than the surface of the sun here in SC. How can I Stroke corduroy without melting???

I’m bored with my closet! I want to wear new fall things even if it kills me!! So this week I made 2 new tops for work. Both are still under review- let’s start with this- Vogue 1188, why hasn’t this gotten more love? These sleeves are gesticulating fabulousness!!! They are winged sleeve victory, baby!

This brings me to a thought about fit and ease. Recently I had a gal about my size tell me she wasn’t plus sized. Really? Um, ok. So I asked the husband. Is —– about my size? She says she wears a 12.

He looked at me and pretty much said, she likes her clothes 2 sizes too small, you like yours 2 sizes too big.

Huh??? No, I like it to hover gently over my body like a car cover. Oh, ok…I get it now. With this in mind, I still felt this fit too closely for my tastes. So I thought let’s get fun- how about a little panel in front with a slight ruffle to it to mirror my flying squirrel sleeves?


Here we are- I’d say it’s a working muslin of Vogue 1188. I don’t think this fabric is very good- besides just being a solid, it’s just boring- I’ll try this again in a lawn maybe- or as a tunic in a nice fall fabric?


Why has this pattern not gotten much love?? MY version is doing it no favors I know- but these sleeves are so fun!


Ok, this is making me 75% happy. I love the fabrics together, but I don’t think the fit is spot on. 2 very unstable fabrics were not the best call for this pattern, but I’m wearing it. I’m not disgusted, but I’m not doing a major victory lap. I’m meh, but meh with a cherry on top.

Now. Simplicity 8170. I love this style of shoulder- it’s totally meant for we slopy gals! But I’ve always had an issue with fit in the under arm area. How much is too much excess?


I’ll make this again in a more stable material- 2 crinkly woodgy gauzy things do not make a right! Now, I think I have discovered the origins of super model feuds today. Just out of camera range, Bruder felt the call of the puppy pad. It truly is hard to find ones inner muse when  he’s staring at me and waiting for me to compliment him on his superb use of the appropriate area for ones business on a cloudy day. I’m sure Kate Moss did something similar to Linda Evangelista back in the day.


Photo credits: little me, google images. All images remain the property of the original owners.

27 thoughts on “Hey look, I sewed something!

  1. The joy of experimentation! As a costumer, I have had to really practice the straight face when an actor tells me their size. I mean, yes….you got into it, you did, but…..we are not actually meant to look like a stack of inner tubes.

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    • Jen (NY) says:

      I’m thinking that the “plus” word should be done away with and there should be a true continuum of sizes without the euphemistic labels. But I guess that the manufacturers don’t agree.

      I do like that pink/fuschia color by the way, even if it is a solid — it’s really lovely with auburn.

      The pony costume archive photo is so weirdly fabulous!

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  2. The pink top and those sleeves? Epic! I had to laugh at your description of the other lady – women were much more “womanly” until the garment industry decided to standardise sizes and paid women to be measured. The problem was that the women were undernourished (hence needing the money) and so were way below the norm for sizing. We’ve all been paying for this very unscientific approach ever since!

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  3. ellegeemakes says:

    Lovely makes…you look great in pink, and those sleeves are to die for. Thanks for bringing that pattern to my attention…..


  4. I love the sleeves on your V1188, and I think you nailed the fit through the bust quite well actually (but then, maybe I’m in the same denial as your friend!!), but I’m not loving the center front bit. Ultimately though, it’s whatever *you* feel comfortable with, and nothing I or anyone else says should change that.

    That costume though…that is a thing of horrific beauty. I’m so glad you shared it though, because I’ve been staring at it for a while now with equal parts horror and “that’s effing awesome!” 😉

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  5. karen says:

    I’m with you! Idon’t want to showcase my rolls! Let the fabric just hint at the avoirdupois beneath the decently swathed contours. And, those sleeves are definitely interesting. I do believe tunic length would show better, though. Very interesting patterns.

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