Wearable Wednesday meets the Brides!

Ok, well-maybe try….. oh  just hold the ring for now

I feel bad for that bridesmaid who showed up with her dress on a wire hanger. It got intense.

TLC themed wedding- complete with waterfalls to be chased!

Something old, something new, something borrowed- something made out of your favorite muppet…..

Well, Sonia, what I said was ‘make your VEIL out of grandmothers best table cloth…’

Never one to skimp on a theme, Enid wore bespoke fishing waders for their ceremony along the River Dee….

‘Just let it go!’

‘You wouldn’t be like that if it was Your watch under there!’

‘Gees Kate you’re never getting that swatch back, just buy another!?’

Why didn’t anyone tell me I could have my bridal pictures done on a trampoline? I feel like a fool for just standing there holding Mr Bs stupid hand!

Sugar skull cootchie inexplicably became what Harvey’s friends called Veronica. It puzzled them both.
If this Bride didn’t come down the aisle to  a string quartet playing Donovan, she really missed a moment.

Well, Becky, it’s…so…you!

I can’t explain it, but I want to swash, buckle and eat little cake squares all of a sudden.

Shh- if you look just right, her abdomen makes the ‘Scream’ face!

When Arthur searched for Wanda- it was obvious that she had left him at the altar… with no one to comfort him but this floor lamp.

Isn’t it about time for Drake and Rihanna to get hitched?

Photo credits: Houghton, Viktor & Rolf, Marchesa, Reem Acra, Vera Wang. Vogue.com.

40 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday meets the Brides!

  1. O! M! G!

    Maybe it’s just because it was such a relief to my eyes after seeing all those others but I really like the “swash, buckle, eat little cake squares” one.


  2. sewbussted says:

    I don’ t need a magic ball to see the future of these dresses. No granddaughter is going to be lovingly holding one of these pieces and hoping that a seamstress will be able to make her dress come true of wearing her grandmother’s gown.


  3. Jill says:

    Every time I look back at my own homemade wedding dress I spot a million things wrong with it that I wish I could go back in time and redo. But after seeing this post, not anymore. Mind didn’t look like table cloth, it didn’t look like a bottle of 1970’s mustard, and it sure didn’t scream. Thanks for making me feel so much better about my me-made wedding dress!


  4. KatrinaB says:

    OMG Becky, WHY??? The juxtaposition of that thing with the exquisite lace dress following it (I would swash and buckle a boatload of pirates for it!) has given me a case of couture shock.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. LOL! Terrifying…! Yet, some gorgeous lace, too 🙂 I actually LOVE that ‘tablecloth’ gown – pretty shape and lovely fabric if not a bit see through for weddings. (Prediction: All those tacky award gowns that are little more than mesh and appliques will make their way onto the wedding aisle like YESTERDAY.)

    Want a ‘real life’ scare? Head over to your local chain bridal store and check out some of THOSE knock offs of designer gowns…and the poor brides trying to look pretty in them. Way to ruin the whole wedding experience! (There are some lovely gowns there, but way too many overpriced, badly designed pieces!) Just did two weddings for daughters in the last year – an education 😉

    And what’s up with that last jacket? Seriously? What am I missing here…never mind…I probably don’t want to know!

    Fun post, as always!

    Liked by 1 person

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