Simplicity Fall 8141

Simplicity 8141 has all of my favorite motifs: 3/4 sleeves, drapey business and a quick completion.

I should have filmed the event of me trying to lay out the gigantor pattern piece -with taped portion – on my sewing room floor! I was playing Twister with an invisible squid that cheats! I locked the pups out or it really would have been a party!
Last year I had this crazy idea that I should introduce some solid colors to the Annie closet of gaud. This crepe is from fabric Mart and its reverse worked really well for this. You hem 1 end on the right side, 1 hem on the wrong side then attach 1 shoulder and flip the front of like ย you are surreptitiously wiping your nose on your hem in an elevator.

What? Everybody does it.

I overflipped or underflupped or something, I never could keep the reverse hem from showing. When sewing nears geometry, I just declare defeat and tuck it in.


This is the shorter length- I wasn’t quite stocked for the longer one- but I tried! The more you mess with this, the more it kind of turns and slides around into this ‘X’, but I do like it. I skipped the back seam and could stand to take the back in a tiny bit for my slopey shoulder fix-


I hope you envy my Milky Way necklace- I have a dork spouse- he buys me very cool things!

Photo credits: little me, google images, All images remain the property of their original owners.

42 thoughts on “Simplicity Fall 8141

  1. I love this!! You are the greatest Great Pumpkin ever in this super drapey top. And, your husband picked out a fantastic necklace! I had one very similar for years but it finally broke ๐Ÿ˜ฏ. (PS, the geometry is the best part of sewing ๐Ÿ˜˜)

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  2. Ooooo I just love the colour of your blouse. I think you’ve done well with the drapey-geometric thing, I’d just get confused! And a spouse that gives you Milky Way necklaces, you’ve really hit the jackpot there.


  3. Very cool!!! I love your comment “When sewing nears geometry…” I certainly feel like that sometimes! I like the drape. If I made one I would have to lock myself in the living room – and move the furniture out! – without the two cats. (I wish my hubby would buy me such a unique necklace!)


  4. That’s really cute and looks so versatile. I have the hardest time making myself sew solid colors even though I often look in my closet and wish I had something in a particular solid color.


  5. karen says:

    I love pattern/print roo, but have to admit, it is too much, on my shape for a complete garment. I spend a lot of my time with print swatches, tryng to get a co ordinating match. That shawl? looks great, I just don’t know how the draping goes.;p;
    Congratulations on a great “make”.

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  6. I always knew that you were twisted – and this looks fabulous. Even though it’s plain, although it’s a FABULOUS colour!
    I stopped wiping my nose in elevators when they started putting cameras in there. Stopped dancing in there too. Sometimes.


  7. Yay for solid colors! And for husbands with cool taste in jewelry! You definitely need to do more solid colors, prints are fun, but you can do so much more with solids. You look lovely, and I think you need to make up the “cold shoulder” version of this next–it’s not like you have legit winter anyway, right? ๐Ÿ˜›

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