Wearable Wednesday Malaikaraiss

I think this cartridge storage jacket is not as practical as they had hoped. 

This design shows you a healthy and fashionable aortic flow!

‘Rebel marmite?’ 

Do you think she got caught in the nets?

Yeah, I’d be mad if they made we wear reflective edged pasties and white after Labor Day! 

I’m tired of saying ‘hola’to models nethers, anybody else want to donate some lining material to the cause?

Ok, I’ll carry it, but I sure as hell won’t wear it.

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday A LA Garconne

Fine. I’ll attend your bourgeois celebration of pilgrim death and commercialism at Nanas. 

But I’m bringing Pablo. 

…and he only eats raw foods blessed by his priestess. So she needs a place to put her incense burner and netti pot.

Oh great, I can’t find the napkin rings- Wanda!?

Has anyone seen Grannies lace tablecloth? I’m looking at you, Fiona!

Oh joy- cousin Buster escaped from prison for Thanksgiving dinner! He can shank the turkey for us!

Quincy, I’m sorry, Uncle Louie is in the only bathroom- can you hold it?

Travis brought his new girlfriend- I can’t get a handle on her, she’s some kind of Bluestocking Guerrilla militant- just be pleasant, ok?

No, I did NOT put your leather pants in with the towels- it is not my fault- shouldn’t you be doing your own laundry???

Listen abacus nipples! That outfit may fly at your other grandmothers, but over here, we cover it up or you’ll be forced to wear one of Granddads old Nixon for re-election tshirts! 

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Balenciaga

Shelf paper. I can never get it flat and smooth. 

It’s 1982- scientists on a secret volcano layer work frantically to clone Harry Hamlin and Linda Evans. It went tragically wrong.

The invite said BYOBBC*

Germaphobes will really like this one-

She keeps extra shoulder pads in there:

 When I was 9, I just knew I’d be a Solid Gold dancer when I grew up….in this outfit!

This is doing really unfortunate things to the blouse bunnies-

Lily Pulitzer homeless collection, available now!

Photo credits: vogue.com

*Bring your own bean bag chair

Wearable Wednesday Sao Paola

Ok, so who wants creamsicles?

Do you put on the coat, then tie on the wall banner?

It gives the illusion that she has her hands deep in her pockets frantically trying to liberate a skittish weasel.

Wednesday’s are hard. Just wrap a sleeping bag around you and get on the bus.

He’s a crayon in a school play about equality and art!

Is it rude to ask how she gets dressed with no arms? I’m not trying to be insensitive- I really want to know!?

Alison was the talk of St Persiphones after attending mass in her bubble wrap shoulder wrap.

Ok, I’d wear this- but not the orthopedic Elvis booties!

Can we just line things? Please???

Realizing she was last for her entrance, Berta failed to tuck the pocket lining back in after using the potty.
Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Gabriele Colangelo

This is doing proportionately cruel  things to Miss Ramone.


Ladies and Gentlemen, please follow me in an orderly line to the bomb shelter. The apocalypse is nigh- those are stirrup pants!?


Rhonda was a free spirit- unpredictable. Moss actually grew on her north side.


After 3 weeks of living in the windy city and having to weave her coat closed very day, Fiona was spotted outside a charity shop at 3am leaving a grey pile by the door.


Be careful what you wish for Anna Wintour- these are lined sheer pants.


When it says ‘no tumble dry’- I suggest you listen.


Longaberger sponsored this collection, huh.


Shortly before her expulsion from St Pesticles, Leslie sported all the uniform ties of her conquests- not an eighth form boy was properly dressed that day.


photo credits: vogue.com