Wearable Wednesday Sao Paola

Ok, so who wants creamsicles?

Do you put on the coat, then tie on the wall banner?

It gives the illusion that she has her hands deep in her pockets frantically trying to liberate a skittish weasel.

Wednesday’s are hard. Just wrap a sleeping bag around you and get on the bus.

He’s a crayon in a school play about equality and art!

Is it rude to ask how she gets dressed with no arms? I’m not trying to be insensitive- I really want to know!?

Alison was the talk of St Persiphones after attending mass in her bubble wrap shoulder wrap.

Ok, I’d wear this- but not the orthopedic Elvis booties!

Can we just line things? Please???

Realizing she was last for her entrance, Berta failed to tuck the pocket lining back in after using the potty.
Photo credits: vogue.com

27 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Sao Paola

  1. I think I might want some of the creamsicle fabric. I need to fondle it first then I will decide. That is all. The rest is just… confusing, and a little depressing.


  2. ellegeemakes says:

    Horrid day here, so grateful that you helped me laugh! The orthopedic Elvis booties…the creamsicle dress, LOL! I just can’t choose….


  3. I could not take my eyes off the 4 inch hems on the pants…badly done too! The white coat and wall banner dress…why did it make me think of Tibetan prayer flags? The white coat…the sleeve cap seams…puckered and nasty. The only thing more shocking would be to see the prices for these beauties!


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