Wearable Wednesday Balenciaga

Shelf paper. I can never get it flat and smooth. 

It’s 1982- scientists on a secret volcano layer work frantically to clone Harry Hamlin and Linda Evans. It went tragically wrong.

The invite said BYOBBC*

Germaphobes will really like this one-

She keeps extra shoulder pads in there:

 When I was 9, I just knew I’d be a Solid Gold dancer when I grew up….in this outfit!

This is doing really unfortunate things to the blouse bunnies-

Lily Pulitzer homeless collection, available now!

Photo credits: vogue.com

*Bring your own bean bag chair

52 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Balenciaga

  1. How do those shoes/tights work? Wasn’t Melania Trump wearing that pink blouse bunny blouse when she gave her “no bullies” speech? That germaphobe coat could really come in handy for sooo many applications like being shielded from being maced during peaceful protests and coupled with your very own bean bag chair…a real necessity for these troubled times!


  2. Leigh Ann says:

    WHAT is with those enormous shoulders? Aarrrgh. The second one would be okay if it didn’t look three sizes too big for her. It’s sliding sideways off one shoulder. And as for that jacket…! On the other hand, I like the first one. It’s interesting. I’d make the neckline bigger and lose the bling at the waist, though. I like it a lot, otherwise. The hazmat cape made me laugh out loud.

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  3. How do you walk carrying a round bag? It will hit you on the legs every step of the way. As you can see one of the models is trying to carry it away from her body but doesn’t quite make it. Would build very good triceps, I imagine. Or bruised legs.


  4. A. Cleary says:

    For years I’ve managed to repress the images from the animated film clip we were shown in 7th grade entitled “Olivia Ovum & Sammy Sperm: The Incredible Journey”, wherein Sammy Sperm single-mindedly pursued Olivia Ovum to complete his fertilization mission. Minus the acid green/orange booties, the germophobe’s ensemble is a freakishly accurate doppleganger to Sammy’s. Swim, Olivia, swim!!!!


  5. Jenny says:

    I was scrolling down enjoying your comments – whilst trying to dodge the death stares – then I got to the germaphobe cloak and burst out laughing. That poor girl she looks like she is praying that no one recognizes her. Or perhaps she’d been a naughty girl and ate an oreo and this was her punishment?!

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  6. What an interesting post, hun! You are a very good writer.

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    It is absolutely fabulous!


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