Wearable Wednesday A LA Garconne

Fine. I’ll attend your bourgeois celebration of pilgrim death and commercialism at Nanas. 

But I’m bringing Pablo. 

…and he only eats raw foods blessed by his priestess. So she needs a place to put her incense burner and netti pot.

Oh great, I can’t find the napkin rings- Wanda!?

Has anyone seen Grannies lace tablecloth? I’m looking at you, Fiona!

Oh joy- cousin Buster escaped from prison for Thanksgiving dinner! He can shank the turkey for us!

Quincy, I’m sorry, Uncle Louie is in the only bathroom- can you hold it?

Travis brought his new girlfriend- I can’t get a handle on her, she’s some kind of Bluestocking Guerrilla militant- just be pleasant, ok?

No, I did NOT put your leather pants in with the towels- it is not my fault- shouldn’t you be doing your own laundry???

Listen abacus nipples! That outfit may fly at your other grandmothers, but over here, we cover it up or you’ll be forced to wear one of Granddads old Nixon for re-election tshirts! 

Photo credits: vogue.com

44 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday A LA Garconne

  1. Hilarious commentary! My heart almost flies out to the model in the first shot. Imagine starving yourself to get a break in the profession, and then, when it happens, you get to dress like the walk of shame.

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  2. Morgan says:

    And there I was about to chuck out all those hockey, basketball and other sports tops DIL (a fashionista) refused to let DS1 to take with him.

    Like Pablo’s shoes and quite a few of the individual pieces

    “Walk of Shame look” – brilliant summation


  3. Fashions certainly designed for the young,thin and braless! Love the abacus nipples…could work if I put it over a high neck long sleeved t-shirt. Cousin Buster looks like he could use a good meal and will certainly keep the conversation lively with stories from the cells.


  4. What the ….? You know it does look like they’re all headed to a Thanksgiving dinner. Such a random collection of awfulness. I sort of like the nipple abacus outfit too and the lace tablecloth skirt, but with proper linings of course. Also, I like Quincy’s shoes.


  5. KatrinaB says:

    You should get an award for your contributions to our collective pre-holiday mental health. Laughter is good medicine. Except for the family depicted above. Not sure what to prescribe for them.


  6. Hee hee hee, that was funny commentary. 😊 I absolutely love the white dress and the black dress. What the rest of the collection is doing is beyond me. It’s puzzling in its unattractiveness.


  7. A. Cleary says:

    How is it we didn’t meet at my Nana’s Thanksgiving Dinner?? Were you at the kid’s table?
    You have given me yet another thing to be thankful for this year…Wearable Wednesdays!
    And, btw, I’m pretty sure I wore something similar to ensemble # 1 to some turkey day dinner in the 80’s. It’s all a bit hazy…


  8. Emily says:

    I like Travis’ new girlfriend’s outfit – ” I can’t get a handle on her, she’s some kind of Bluestocking Guerrilla militant- just be pleasant, ok? ” and with that cool ready to handle you or Anything expression, one had Better be pleasant…


  9. Jenny says:

    Is it my imagination or is ‘Wanda with the napkin rings’ wearing her coat inside out? Certainly looks like she got dressed in a hurry. I’m just wondering if I will ever get the opportunity to call someone ‘abacus nipples’?! Why do I keep humming the Adams family theme tune? Questions, questions.

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  10. Judith A Stansky says:

    I so look forward to Wednesdays so that I can gasp and guffaw and feel smug about my own choices. This week’s selection is laugh out loud funny–you really made my day. ( Imagine Nina Garcia’s face were these “editorial” pieces to come trooping down runway in a mixed media challenge.)


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