Wearable Wednesday Malaikaraiss

I think this cartridge storage jacket is not as practical as they had hoped. 

This design shows you a healthy and fashionable aortic flow!

‘Rebel marmite?’ 

Do you think she got caught in the nets?

Yeah, I’d be mad if they made we wear reflective edged pasties and white after Labor Day! 

I’m tired of saying ‘hola’to models nethers, anybody else want to donate some lining material to the cause?

Ok, I’ll carry it, but I sure as hell won’t wear it.

Photo credits: vogue.com

31 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Malaikaraiss

  1. Yes, well, I’d like to see a bit more coverage over their lady bits, but I’m an old-fashioned sort of gal, so recognise the fact that this is trendy. As are the strange attachments to their mid-sections and I’m not even going to discuss that bra!


  2. A. Cleary says:

    For that first jacket….there are no words. The rest is just so ugly & weird. What on earth is the deal with the cupcake liners around the midriffs? Am I missing something?


  3. Paper bag skirts without the skirt. Yipee! The unflattering element has been rehashed, This could be a trend. Remember the age of football team shoulders on otherwise perfectly decent sweaters? Well just wear the huge shoulders … and so on. Or maybe we have it wrong. These poor girls have been recruited to carry not cartridges, but ground to air missiles in the huge folds of their otherwise inadequate clothes. They do have a glassy eyed and brain washed look.


  4. Emily says:

    It looks like the “rebel narwhale” girl came out in the first iteration of that shirt looking slightly pink of cheek and embarrassed, but then by the next photo she’d snagged that darn net on something (upper left thigh) and was furious… and stayed that way because, well, who Wouldn’t be if you finally got to change out of a tee depicting a giant tooth that is (as any good narwhale rebel should know) entirely Wrong for a narwhale, and the assistants assigned to get you back on the run way in seconds hand you your clothes in the wrong order?!


  5. Can’t see the point of folding up canvas grocery bags and strapping them to your waist. I don’t even want to see MY nether regions…why would I want to see skinnier versions of it on a catwalk? The aortic flow top and flowy pants makes my eyes hurt! make it stop!


  6. Mel says:

    Believe it or not, a food truck selling burritos just stopped by my workplace, so I got to thinking… I think these ladies here stuff burritos in those rolls and pull up to businesses to sell them.

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  7. ValerieZebra says:

    I like the ‘aortic flow’ outfit pants and wish I had the height to get away with them and maybe the last jacket… but that bra has got to be a joke right?


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