Growling at 2016- with Butterick6241


Well, Happy New Years Eve from little me and all of us at Mutual of Omaha!

I’m feeling most frisky today- new year approaching, new possibilities, new yada yada….

it’s time for Jungle January 5 and a renewed sense of sewing wonder- cuz I wonder how many peeps will join me and what wonders we shall see!

I haven’t blogged any makes in a while- I’ve made lots of staples and repeats, but nothing that could bring any new inspiration or tell a new tale- so I’ve kept happily wearing, but not sharing!

Today I have a little variation on Butterick 6241- check out that wonky-woo hem on the green version!



a pattern I like to think of as faux Tilton- it’s sort of Lagenlook with lots of seams….it’s been in the possible pile for months- but I don’t like the front zipper- those unzipped knit collars take me back to 80’s track suits and that’s not good for me. I never got the exposed zipper as decoration thing either. So I just skipped that part and went mock turtle on it.


I’m loving this- slightly fitted, but cozy, boxy- no stomachs sucking in- totally my thing. These pictures were going to be outside- in my semi-urban jungle, but it started sleeting! Seriously. How thoughtless.  This print is so ferocious- it defied the camera to show us both in focus- it was me or purple kitty- not both!!!


One thought- the gigantic pocket wings are lovely little details- but the backside will show and my backside is very white! Well, I guess that would be assumed, wouldn’t it! So I tacked them together  so they are still fancy usable, but not so backside viewing. Cuz I’m pure class as you know.

Also, why a center back seam? It’s minimally shaped- so what’s the point? It didn’t save very much fabric doing it on the fold- call me decadent- I waste fabric!

Now after I twirl a bit, let’s talk Jungle January 5!!!!!

If you are game, so am I!

Link your makes to this post and #junglejanuary5 on twitter!

This year I’d like to see some previous makes and how you have enjoyed the Jungle all year-long! Throw some selfies on twitter with

#wearthatgrrr let’s strut like predators all month, no- year long!

Every ferocious Friday we’ll have our catwalk roundup!!

One reminder- let’s love the animals and appreciate their skins on them- we’re celebrating the beauty of the print and all its purring power!!!!

photo credits: little me!

Wearable Wednesday Mother of Pearl

Oompa Loompa, loompadee doo-

I’ve got an ugly collection for you!

What do you get when your fabric is flat?

Droopy, unhemmed with sleeves like a bat?

After intensive inpatient treatment, Violet was able to lead an almost normal life-

This just-

 I am out of words.

Haven’t we- and the models- been thru enough?

Seriously- I need someone to tell me….WHY?

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Wearable Wednesday Naeem Khan

Cookie exchange? I’m sorry  you feel underdressed next to me, Winifred- maybe you need a therapist….

Alyce liked to drop subtle hints that she was not the sister who got drunk in Boca and had the lyrics to Freebird tattooed down both legs. 

Phoebe and Rhoda were always ready to perform their Politically Correct version of ‘All I want for Christmas is You…r respect and equal pay’. Pity no one had a banjo.

Arlene! Have you always been able to turn your head completely around like Linda Blair?

Oh put the leg away Ethel- there’s no mistletoe!?

 I think I’d get an aneurysm twirling everywhere in this! But. So. Worth. IT!

I hate to leave you with this, but every litter has one ugly pup….

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Wearable  Wednesday Coach

Coming to an IMAX theatre this Christmas- Mad Max 4- Bratz  Dolls shop Fury Road!!

OMG Chloe- is that what you’re wearing to scavenge?

We are sooo taking hostages at H&M today!

Ok, so I was totally standing in line for a chai and bang- the apocalypse!? As if!

I swear, my nails are not digging world annihilation- my gels are looking boggy!?

Courtney? Is that my skirt? You are so dead. Like literally, cuz that’s cool now. 

Fringe for tank driving? You are so bougie, Veronica!

Tonight we gather at the Thunderdome to honor our leader- Miley Cyrus! I love the end of the world- totes good times!

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