Wearable  Wednesday Coach

Coming to an IMAX theatre this Christmas- Mad Max 4- Bratz  Dolls shop Fury Road!!

OMG Chloe- is that what you’re wearing to scavenge?

We are sooo taking hostages at H&M today!

Ok, so I was totally standing in line for a chai and bang- the apocalypse!? As if!

I swear, my nails are not digging world annihilation- my gels are looking boggy!?

Courtney? Is that my skirt? You are so dead. Like literally, cuz that’s cool now. 

Fringe for tank driving? You are so bougie, Veronica!

Tonight we gather at the Thunderdome to honor our leader- Miley Cyrus! I love the end of the world- totes good times!

Photo credits: vogue.com

37 thoughts on “Wearable  Wednesday Coach

  1. KatrinaB says:

    It looks like Elvis faces on the shirts. Did Elvis finally show up for the apocalypse?

    Those nail-studded platforms are totally fetch, plus equally good for thunderdome beat down or trekking over the dunes, either way.


  2. I love the idea that even at the End of the World, someone still designs clothes…..
    Lipstick is recession-proof; no matter how poor we ladies are, we will always buy lipstick – mind you a few of these models might be poorer than that!


  3. Emily says:

    I wonder if the models had to walk with their legs far enough apart to keep the spikes from snagging and clashing as their feet swished past each other, or if they lift them a bit more like peddling a bike to ensure clearance. Sure looks like a good way to “trip over your own feet” – potentially disastrous in an end of world rout…


  4. darkroomlove says:

    wow. i feel like i can maybe catch a glimmer of what the designer was trying to say, but only barely over all the cray-cray going on. there’s a lot going on.

    i do like the shark sweatshirt, though. not sure how it is relevant to the rest of the collection (mascot for scavenging bratz?) but it’s kind of awesome.


  5. Shoes are perfect for walking though muddy puddles and the wrist straps with locks perfect for hauling off and hitting creeps who try to muscle in and steal those studded fashions…all in all dark and sad.

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  6. Jenny says:

    I quite like the suede (?) tunic only without the winner rosettes and the ‘I’m looking at you’ chest pockets.
    Those tiny delicate bags look a bit incongruous beside all the studs and chains!


  7. Morgan says:

    ahah ! someone found that lost bag of donations of old gear, leftover trimmings from the 70s & 80s, with an old copy of a Golden Hands project mag and mashed them together to alleviate boredom one rainy weekend.
    Recycling, repurposing, upcycling, whatever it’s called these days – it’s fun to see somene has the sense of humour to call the results of a messy child craft session ‘fashion’.

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