Wearable Wednesday Mother of Pearl

Oompa Loompa, loompadee doo-

I’ve got an ugly collection for you!

What do you get when your fabric is flat?

Droopy, unhemmed with sleeves like a bat?

After intensive inpatient treatment, Violet was able to lead an almost normal life-

This just-

 I am out of words.

Haven’t we- and the models- been thru enough?

Seriously- I need someone to tell me….WHY?

Photo credits: vogue.com

18 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Mother of Pearl

  1. Oh my! First I see upholstery fabric, then I see tatters and fraying, and yes clothes that were made for a larger sized girl – she should go back to her seamstress for a re-fit. Poor girl is demented though so chances are slim that she’ll do that. Hilarious photos – I hope you are having Happy Holidays and have a Happy Prosperous New Year! 🎉💃🎊

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  2. Emily says:

    This actually expresses the Post-Christmas state quite well: Tattered and feeling fat so wearing those over-sized clothes, perhaps a bit of trying on things Aunt Edna made that always fit like they were made for someone else (perhaps they were?) and poor old dear can’t see too well anymore… she probably didn’t realize she’d forgotten to hem that bottom, and sleeve, and shoulder, and…

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  3. First I thought…these are great clothes to wear if you want to stop shaving your underarms…but then seeing the sleeveless offerings, I realized that your eye is drawn to the fraying hems instead. Post Christmas feelings for sure…plenty of room for all that extra fluff acquired from second helpings of stuffing and gravy.

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  4. KatrinaB says:

    Most of these are one step away from being beautiful! (Okay, maybe two or three steps.) Lovely textiles and details ruined with ugly fit and finish. Who is Mother of Pearl and what is wrong with them? 😀

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  5. Can we PLEASE somehow convince these investors to shove their dollars into a pool for real sewists to use instead of funding junk like this??? No telling what awesome pieces could come out of a collaboration like THAT. Surely better than anything shown in this ‘designer’ collection… 😉


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  6. susan snow says:

    Terrifying. Some members of the Addams Family have escaped from the Lunatic Asylum and are now on the loose…..Watch out for Cousin Droopy and Cousin Hunchback.

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