Growling at 2016- with Butterick6241


Well, Happy New Years Eve from little me and all of us at Mutual of Omaha!

I’m feeling most frisky today- new year approaching, new possibilities, new yada yada….

it’s time for Jungle January 5 and a renewed sense of sewing wonder- cuz I wonder how many peeps will join me and what wonders we shall see!

I haven’t blogged any makes in a while- I’ve made lots of staples and repeats, but nothing that could bring any new inspiration or tell a new tale- so I’ve kept happily wearing, but not sharing!

Today I have a little variation on Butterick 6241- check out that wonky-woo hem on the green version!



a pattern I like to think of as faux Tilton- it’s sort of Lagenlook with lots of seams….it’s been in the possible pile for months- but I don’t like the front zipper- those unzipped knit collars take me back to 80’s track suits and that’s not good for me. I never got the exposed zipper as decoration thing either. So I just skipped that part and went mock turtle on it.


I’m loving this- slightly fitted, but cozy, boxy- no stomachs sucking in- totally my thing. These pictures were going to be outside- in my semi-urban jungle, but it started sleeting! Seriously. How thoughtless.  This print is so ferocious- it defied the camera to show us both in focus- it was me or purple kitty- not both!!!


One thought- the gigantic pocket wings are lovely little details- but the backside will show and my backside is very white! Well, I guess that would be assumed, wouldn’t it! So I tacked them together  so they are still fancy usable, but not so backside viewing. Cuz I’m pure class as you know.

Also, why a center back seam? It’s minimally shaped- so what’s the point? It didn’t save very much fabric doing it on the fold- call me decadent- I waste fabric!

Now after I twirl a bit, let’s talk Jungle January 5!!!!!

If you are game, so am I!

Link your makes to this post and #junglejanuary5 on twitter!

This year I’d like to see some previous makes and how you have enjoyed the Jungle all year-long! Throw some selfies on twitter with

#wearthatgrrr let’s strut like predators all month, no- year long!

Every ferocious Friday we’ll have our catwalk roundup!!

One reminder- let’s love the animals and appreciate their skins on them- we’re celebrating the beauty of the print and all its purring power!!!!

photo credits: little me!

38 thoughts on “Growling at 2016- with Butterick6241

  1. gilliancrafts says:

    That’s a cool pattern! I’m so excited that you are doing Jungle January again… I’ve got an animal print dress ready to blog, and I was hopping it would coincide!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Me me me me me! Whoever it was that you paired me up with last year never bothered to reply to any of my emails, so I got left out [still have the fabric I was going to send her though!]
    I love that pattern, I made mine up in mad op print and plain black for contrast- never thought I’d get used to the bagginess, but I wear it quite a lot. In fact, I keep meaning to make another, so you may have given me the right push.
    Happy new year, stick me on the list please!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LOVE this pattern!!! Have it and want to try it out, now you have given me a little push! Maybe I should joyn in on jungle january and try out this pattern. You know mostly I sew with animal print only when you come with this great ingcouragement every year. and I am more comfortable with animal prints now, thanks to you :-)!

    Also you are a great poster. I know all about making lots of things and not posting, but stick with it. It is nice to hear from you and see some of your makes 🙂 Maybe you will be my example and I will get a little more dilligent too!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. idaaidasewing says:

    Happy New Year Anne,no stomach sucking in is my thing too and this dress does that excactly.
    I don’t have a fabric yet but I hope I manage to keep the tradition and make an animal print garment this year as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. karen says:

    Anne, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the many chuckles you have given me over the last couple of years. Wearable Wednesdays can make me howl. I hope you and your family (dogs included) had a wonderful Christmas and a great new year’s eve.
    All the best in the coming year!


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