Wearable Wednesday Stella Jean

Stella, my love for you is deep. Your mixed prints, your sass. Your femininity. I want to support this new interest in boxing, but…..

This is easy Ernestine! If you wear everything you plan to wear on vacation, no checked luggage fees!

Boxing pajamas? Are her feet longer than her head?

I’m sorry- her feet look like they are wearing crochet mallet cozies! I’ll take the cape.

This coat- it is an illustration from Maurice Sendaks unpublished Dante work.

This was made from recycled punching bags- does anyone want the attention drawn to wear that ruching is? I think not.

I was good until I saw her golfing gloves… but frisbee can take a toll on the manicure.

 Any thoughts on these boots? I’m feeling my Anna Sui giddiness….

This is the one Elle Fanning will buy and possibly even make precious. Possibly.

Photo credits: vogue.com

26 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Stella Jean

  1. A. Cleary says:

    The boxing pjs have possibilities. They say “I’m lounging around at home, but always ready to fight the good fight”. But what is the story with the lunch box/purse thing. You know there’s no food in there. And I’m going to go out on a limb and say a part of me kinda likes the Maurice Sendak coat. It would look better on me!


  2. Katrina says:

    I’m concerned. Could Stella Jean be suffering from depression, ED, DVT, psoriasis or quitting smoking? Most of these are so gloomy and monotone! Usually her offerings are a celebration of color and creativity, and this is not. 😦


  3. The illustration knit coat: so ’80s, though it needs some faux fur yarn to complete the look! I’m always astonished by that dark era in knitwear. Those intarsia projects required considerable skill but the results are now celebrated at ugly sweater parties. So much talent channeled down the wrong avenue…

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  4. Emily says:

    I actually like the pink and green boots and could wear them with the green cape (and a scarf to tuck under the breezy gap down the front), but would have to shop elsewhere for the blouse and skirt or dress to go along… since many of the rest of these things could be used As the garment bag rather than just the garment. Why starve the models and then use them to prop up body bag shaped fabric thingies?

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  5. OK, I like the boots…they have a Victorian lady meets gladiator feel that is appealing. I like her pleating details just wish all not so boxy–and I’d wear the pajama thing (sorry!), just not with those shoes. But then again I need to get out more, LOL.

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