Wearable Wednesday Madison Kitsune

Let’s just take a moment to ask ourselves if the school girls this collection is geared toward has the allowance to buy it!?

After gymnasium, let’s go shop for hatchibles!

Yay! Career day- I’m going to sell condos!

Surrender Dorothy!

Does Ms Conway know this outfit exists?

Gees!? Elle Fanning would look old and jaded in this collection!

They could have at least found a butt that fit the label!?

Photo credits: vogue. Com

28 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Madison Kitsune

  1. Simple, basic and boring…all easy-to-sew patterns for beginners. Who knew a gray elastic waist skirt could be trendy complimented by a baseball cap with a fox on it…gagging. Dorothy and her white sneakers just makes me wonder what the designer has been smoking?


  2. Your commentary is the only sign of life in this otherwise lifeless collection. Definitely the opposite of “formidable.” Going back to your Conway comment — maybe they were trying to bring back the boredom that America desperately needs right now? If only fashion could influence political discourse…

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  3. A. Cleary says:

    It might be the recovering Catholic schoolgirl in me, but I kinda liked that grey skirt. At least it wasn’t plaid and pleated, which would have been enough to make me swoon way back when! But Sister would never have approved of the length! Harlot alert!

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  4. Cat says:

    Actually I really like the first outfit. That cobalt blue little scarf gives it the perfect pop and I love the skirt! At $395 a pop for her items..ridiculous. I would love to find a pattern like that skirt!


  5. Karen Lyon says:

    I am thinking these are casual Fridays for stewardesses? Slightly laid back “bring your peanuts ina moment sir” attitude.



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