Wearable wednesday Fashion East

That look you get when you just know the cleaners didn’t follow your explicit instruction-

Sadly, the model was able to evade Poor Blake Edwards in his wheelchair as he tried to forcibly remove her clothes.

At last! The little known Asian Titanic survivors get their remembrance!

The Scotland Terror event the liberal media refused to cover:

‘Welcome to the Angel Soft Toilet Tissue factory tour, I’m your reluctant host, Monique.’

Ok. One of you say it. I don’t want to say it. But you go ahead, please. It’s killing me. 

‘Psst! Ladis! It’s upside down! Grab her before she hits the runway- the wig too- get her!’

Everlines todo list for today was job interview then have the cat declawed. Hmmm…

At last! A project for the old AOL cds your aunt keeps refusing to throw out! 

Photo credits: vogue.com

Sartorial Screenings! Faithless!!!


This morning we will return to the 1932 with Tallulah Bankhead gem- Faithless. This went on the dvr because of it’s leading man- Robert Montgomery- little  me loves some Robert Montgomery- he, Franchot Tone and William Powell are the trinity of testosterone in my dvr.

The set up: spoiled heiress gets what every depression audience wants to see- her money gone and her virtue smeared….but in great frocks, of course. We begin-


Yay! Oh, wait no- it’s not so great in America- but Carol Morgan- socialite orphan is riding high.


Publicity shot of Carol at home:


Carol is spending like she has no common sense! oh, dear!


Carol put the brakes on and think of all the orphans that will be neglected if you can’t help them and the Morgan Home for neglected girls has to close! They will walk the streets! FORESHADOWING!!!!


Carol has a fine loving man in her life- Bill! He makes a good living in advertising and he has a strong chin and fine character. He also likes to nap.


Get up Bill!


Yes, yes, of course Bill. But Bill soon learns that society will assume that he is Carols kept fancy man! He is now barraged with news people- much like that poor bakery worker sap who dated Cher back in the 90’s.


Bill knows Carol is a virtuous woman who will step down into his world and let him take care of her. But Bill starts to doubt it as he sees how her friends assume he is just her purse carrying boy toy!


Think about your life Bill!


Bill and Carol have a fight that of course ends with her pouting and him looking deep into her glassy eyes and vows to never argue again occur. They are in a rut! The pattern repeats itself like an episode of Hoarders. But he sends her flowers and they carry on.


Huh. What could the bank want in the height of the depression? Probably just letting her know her new checks are in.


Screen shots of this movie don’t do the costumes justice- here’s what you wear to find out you are on skid row. Shh- don’t wake the pelts.



Carol has lost the farm….and the yacht and the maid and a world class Hummel statue collection. Poor Carol. Who can she turn to? Well, after seeing Bills apartment and being shown a can opener, Carol has issues about their love.


Carol is still a name and a face- trash with cash are begging for her to grace their tables and parties to bring up their social stock. She jumps on the first flea she sees! But she begins to gamble and borrow money and make bad choices! Carol is losing her way- without Bill to ground her. Bills brother thinks he has Carols number-


Carol- stop betting, take your last scraps of dignity and go home- didn’t you read your Edith Wharton? This won’t end well!!!!


Carol is all ‘Unhand me new money creepo- I’m a Morgan!’ Good girl Carol- he is clearly not having honorable Bill-like intentions! Carol has had it for the night- oh, here’s her host to tuck her in!


Carol gets the hint and packs up all the towels and baby soaps she can grab and exits stage right in the middle of the night- but who is this lurking by the Ficus? It’s Weasel Gotrocks!

Bowing to his oily pressure, she accepts money, jewels, liquor and a maid from him and some other things….you can guess.


If I had to be defiled by Commodore Brillcream, I’d wear this too!


Carol spends lots of time drinking and trying not to see the Commodore naked. One evening Bill finally finds her address and arrives to see his old sweetie at her apartment.

A fracas ensues! Bill meets her keeper and gets the big picture. She tries to follow him, but the Commodore holds her back and it’s not pretty.


Her resolve is set, but Bill is gone. She leaves without her fox pieces and tries to be an honest woman. She’s kind of bad at it. She ends up in a crappy boarding house selling her t-straps to the land lady for soup money. Oh- none of that was a metaphor. She really did.

23  Oh, the Coincidence fairy arrives and here comes Bill- looking strapped and strapping! He is no longer in the ad game- he’s a laborer. Look at those hunky callouses! He can’t leave her like this-


They marry and move into a different rooming house and they combine his  sterno and her hotplate. Again, not a euphemism, just the 30’s. Bill hears about a job- it’s in trucking! Hurray! They celebrate and he heads off to learn the lingo.

But the job is available because the bosses fired the regular union crew to pay new drivers less. Bill has his pride, but he also has Carol. He takes the job.


These drivers are not understanding Bills lack of union sentiment. He was probably a Taft voter. Tsk, tsk. They try to reason with him. Harshly.


This is unfortunate. Carol must get a job to help out or the landlady will throw them out, broken spleen and all! Carol tries hard to find a job. She only gets one offer. It’s a little play for pay situation with the local lunch counter owner. She takes it. Bill needs that spleen brace!


Carol wrestles with her moral qualms like she did on the sofa with the Commodore! BUt practicality and a word from her landlady helped her decide.


Carol hits the alley. Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? Uh oh- Carol tries to get one more month of spleen rental for Bill when she bumps into another guy- but it’s Bills brother! He chastises her like the pope at an all you can eat buffet. I don;t know what that means exactly, but he was quite rough on her. She runs the other way right into the billy club of Sargeant Clancy!  He hears her story- and even knew some girls from the Morgan home- he is touched by her Venice to Vice sob story. He has a plan!


Carol waits tables and in 35 payments, Bill gets to keep his spleen! Happy ending?


While Carol is working the graveyard shift, Bills brother finally finds them and he tells all! Carol has brought your spleen with her vagina Big Brother!!!


Uh, oh. Carol arrives home- to find her indiscretion all revealed. She is full of shame and extra fries she snagged off plates.


Well, hey, who hasn’t hooked for a good cause, I mean really, Bill- aren’t you meant to be together? Didn’t she have the best intentions? Of course she did. Of course he took her back.


Sigh. Ain’t love grand?


photo credits: little me with an assist from TCM!

Wearable Wednesday Beaufille

This is more of a pushdown bra…..

I thought she was carrying a big ugly purse- no, it’s a little ugly skirt.

These baseboards are filthy!? Christina!!!!!!!!

I love the idea of this skirt, but it would make me look like vertical blinds in a corner office.

Captain Kirk looked so cool in these boots- huh, maybe he was a good actor after all.

Mmmm- my elbow- it’s never smelled so full of stylish ennui…..

Seriously, how is this staying up? It’s like a goth hula hoop on this hipless model!?

This model had to be supported on a dolly- she kept collapsing under the weight of her rich wool lapels, poor thing.

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Vetements

‘Good morning travelers! I know you are all Tired and frustrated over this travel ban. I’m Peggy from the public relations department here at the Denver international airport and in an effort to distract, ER, entertain you- we present the first Denver Intl Airport Unclaimed baggage/lost and found fashion show!!!’

Here are Rufus and Balthazar- looking very stylish and approachable! Papers please!

Remember if any of this looks familiar and you still have your claim ticket, just dial 67 on the white courtesy phone!

Hey! Hey! Security! He isn’t part of our show – that’s the guy who keeps hiding in the ladies room! Swarm! Swarm!

Louis wows the ladies in his sassy blend of puffer coat and button down! 

TSA agent Pamela shows us her dainty side in these lovely pumps she confiscated just yesterday! Thanks for all your hard work, Ma’am!

We blindfolded Elinor our lounge hostess and she came up with this enviable take on the Denver sunset- yay Elinor!

Kudos To Eric  from maintenance who had 15 minutes to convert this bedding bag into a stylish wrap! 

Bernadette earned 20 minutes in the VIP lounge for herself and a date as employee of the month- let’s give her a round of applause!

Oh, THATS what Vetements means!

Ah, I love a wedding or a bedding sale….

Thanks for watching everyone! Don’t forget the Cinnabon shop has 10% off today! Just outside of gate 23!

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Ida Klamborn

The PTA will be sending Mrs Ellis a sternly worded letter about getting out of her vehicle at student drop off.

‘It was so easy- just hide in plain sight and act naturally.’- Iona Betz, professional star fish smuggler.

According to the Nerdist, the least attended cosplay event is Partridgecon- a weekend of Partridge family fan shenanigans!

Between seasons, lula paid her rent with a no brush can car wash venture she started with Agyness Dyn

Transgender models are so 2016- our model has gills!

Velvet and sorbet sounds luxurious, until you have to wear it….

I can’t laugh- I’ve gotten my dress caught in the car door too. Claps to her for soldiering on.

‘You’re welcome! I’m taking them all away!’

Photo credits: vogue.com