Wearable Wednesday Ida Klamborn

The PTA will be sending Mrs Ellis a sternly worded letter about getting out of her vehicle at student drop off.

‘It was so easy- just hide in plain sight and act naturally.’- Iona Betz, professional star fish smuggler.

According to the Nerdist, the least attended cosplay event is Partridgecon- a weekend of Partridge family fan shenanigans!

Between seasons, lula paid her rent with a no brush can car wash venture she started with Agyness Dyn

Transgender models are so 2016- our model has gills!

Velvet and sorbet sounds luxurious, until you have to wear it….

I can’t laugh- I’ve gotten my dress caught in the car door too. Claps to her for soldiering on.

‘You’re welcome! I’m taking them all away!’

Photo credits: vogue.com

22 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Ida Klamborn

  1. Was this held in a high school gym with desks? Orange slippers for all the models and red lipstick eye shadow…is this a trend? Before you all run out and stick starfish to your bodice…remember that raising your arms shifts the fish and not the nips!

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  2. Oh god! Starfish nips? Imagine the sucker-realted damage! Clearly this nutter got a job lot of reject fur fabric and didn’t want to waste it. The only good point about this lot [OMG my eyes! the gills!] is that a couple of the models don’t seem to be emaciated…although that could be swelling caused by starfish removal…

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  3. catmask says:

    I like the first dress a lot, from the armpits to the mid-thigh.

    But OH MY. What is up with those car was sleeves? It’s like foam baguettes. Puzzling.

    The Velvet Sorbet is quite awful. Another instance where the model’s facial expression is totally on point.

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  4. “I’m taking them all away…” Best comment ever! And welcome relief from this disaster.

    Dear investors: Send US the money instead. We can do better EVERYTHING. Slippers, too.

    Sewists everywhere


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