Wearable Wednesday Beaufille

This is more of a pushdown bra…..

I thought she was carrying a big ugly purse- no, it’s a little ugly skirt.

These baseboards are filthy!? Christina!!!!!!!!

I love the idea of this skirt, but it would make me look like vertical blinds in a corner office.

Captain Kirk looked so cool in these boots- huh, maybe he was a good actor after all.

Mmmm- my elbow- it’s never smelled so full of stylish ennui…..

Seriously, how is this staying up? It’s like a goth hula hoop on this hipless model!?

This model had to be supported on a dolly- she kept collapsing under the weight of her rich wool lapels, poor thing.

Photo credits: vogue.com

27 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Beaufille

  1. terevalee says:

    You never cease to amuse. I’d love to go to a bad movie with you and pass sarcastic notes back and forth. Or just watch Star Trek and let you rip. Thanks for many a lmao over the years.

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  2. Oh the opportunities for snark! AT least this collection isn’t simply ugly or amateur- I suspect some of the clothes would actually look really good if they were properly fitted to a human being rather than this poor re-animated skelton. And why is everything so ridiculously LONG? Silly, but some things might be salvaged from the wreck…just wait til she passes out from hunger.


  3. I like the blouse that the model with the Capt Kirk boots is wearing. (Couldn’t figure out any way to make that sentence not awkward.) Maybe the coat. All of these clothes need some color and some curvy women to wear them.

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  4. I was that skinny as a kid, and remember my Grama saying, (about my refusal to wear a bra), “You don’t want them to sag when you are older!” to which I replied, “Sag WHERE? There’s not enough to go anywhere!” As it turns out, I was right. But….it’s the thermometer issue that eventually ran my ship aground, as it were.

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  5. That olive straight-jacket top with the bell sleeves and open armpits might be OK but the leg-o-mutton/little house-on-the-prairie sleeves and the long vinyl buckled floor length skirt is just too wrong! Never seen such a concave chest like that before! The equally sad vinyl waist cincher on the black/brown skirt and top just relays the model’s plea for help!

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