Wearable Wednesday Simonetta Rivazza

Close your eyes and visualize Project Runway Season 75:

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Guest judge Phyllis Diller was surprisingly versed in bag linings…


The Petsmart Bed in a Bag challenge was inspired!

and Contestants used the Lisa Frank accessory wall very thoughtfully…..

The cast gets younger and younger- this year the top 5 designers are not even potty-trained- they made very creative use of changing pads and nonskid bath mats!

After a rude incident with another contestant, Alfa the unicorn was fired for using his own sheddings during the Ford Fiesta challenge.

Hmm- Grey Gardens on ice inspired collection?

This is the coolest army uniform ever!!!
Auntie Mames tree skirt?

Photo credits: vogue.com.

18 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Simonetta Rivazza

    • I assume they are all fake fur- during the dark days when the puce bellied Maribou population was cruelly reduced to near extinction from its native fields in PauPau.


      • Jen (NY) says:

        I felt compelled to check it out and unfortunately, it seems to be real fur. The bags are dyed fox, so I would assume the garments are ‘real’ too. If it was all fake, then I would find it amusing, but I don’t understand why designers want to make the real stuff look fake by dying it in colors. However, for those adventurous enough to sew with fake fur, the bags would be easy enough to copy…


  1. Phyllis Diller is missing her bathmat and the sequined gowns don’t get much of a starring roll under those fluffy nasty coats. The last tree skirt dress looks so homemade!


  2. This “designer” comes from a long line of furriers. Wanna bet they’re rolling in their graves over this junk?! This would have been more ‘fun’ (translation: acceptable) had it been faux fur, but throwing out this mess of a collection in REAL fur is just wrong. Project Runway indeed…!

    As always, I’m mystified by what passes for being worthy of funding…;)

    BTW…if anyone is interested in what the designer was thinking, here’s a short article: http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2017-ready-to-wear/simonetta-ravizza

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