Wearable Wednesday Esteban Cortazar

Do they still have those lingerie parties at Hefs    House? I’ve found my outfit!

Well, that’s a lot of bad ideas all strutting toward us….

No Jon Snow- we’ll have no women guard the wall! Not on my watch!

 Is it a harness? Wait- a camel toe skirt??

Well, at least it’s opaque.  I see a wolf head…

Release the hounds!Vanessa Hudgems is definitely hitting Coachella in this…

Remember when you wanted to show off your new boyfriends sweater- even if it didn’t fit? 

I may be the only one, but the Scottish Tele Tubby reboot looks good!

Every sensible woman has a classic white shirt in their style arsenal. Just move this one so you can get to it. 

Photo credits: vogue.com

29 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Esteban Cortazar

  1. Blimey. Weird, but not totally hideous- the first for some time! lol I like the tartan fur fabric, although I’m not convinced it’s wearable..the weird skirty thing with the circular tartan flouncing has potential…but what’s with those strange camel-toe harnesses cut out of ill fitting 1960s swimsuits?

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  2. Definitely over the top. It’s difficult to see the actual individual clothes due to the fact the designer has taken layering to a whole new competitive sport level.


  3. And I thought I had a problem pairing fabrics together…….I also thought that the ‘boots’ in pic 1 were a pair of very, very low slung trousers! Shows you what I know


  4. ceci says:

    I actually like the whole grey hound top (but combined with totally different outfit, mind you) EXCEPT the one tartan cuff. I wonder where you can get the dog fabric…..

    Had to go back and look again at the first outfit; I too thought the boots were some kind of nasty saggy pants.


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  5. Jenny says:

    This collection seems to have been thrown together from the cutting room floors leftovers. Oddly enough I can see a couple of possibilities. There looks to be a cute little red leather skirt peeping out below the greyhound shirt. I am intrigued too by the circular skirt beneath the over sized cricketers sweater. I think I am getting better at picking out the gems from the dross – takes dedication. I was thrown when I got to the one with the long flowery boots though. I didn’t see a purple halter thingy I saw the Joker grinning back at me. Scary!

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  6. Scraps, straps, sacks and knee high boots that I hope never arrive in my little town as they would be mistaken for homeless waifs rummaging through the trash bins in the back of thrift stores. Is the last dress supposed to be worn for tennis with those fuzzy topped booties?

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