Wearable Wednesday Growing Pains

In a bold industry move, Madame Lexi reworked her extra sex dungeon space into a gelato bar for  the kiddies!

Tasha was so looking forward to her first overnight camping trip and medical support with the Bewilderness scouts!

Lewis would later regret shyly asking his online date to ‘wear something strappy’

Well, when I woke up in the tree I realized my parachute was the only thing I had on!? War is hell Indeed, Enid.

This is my fault- I complained about sheer materials too much. Sorry Bethany.

Despite the glamour of exotic places, Regina just hated being the flight crew member responsible for the sewage pumps.

Photo credits: vogue.com

25 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Growing Pains

  1. Holy Smokes….what HAVE they been smokin’? IS this post WW2 or post apocalyptic or what was leftover in a strap making factory? You must wet yourself after seeing these beauties ripe for a blog posting, Anne.


  2. I do love the bewilderness scouts outfit, except for that weird white skirt across the middle. But almost anything in khaki green starts me quivering. Not the strappy dress, though, that’s just … too … too, even the colour can’t save it.


  3. susan snow says:

    As always, your commentary is wonderful. Especially love the girl at the end who is responsible for pumping out the sewage tanks. Those gloves are perfect for that job! You make my day!


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