Wearable Wednesday The Row

Do you have trouble falling asleep?  Do you toss and turn? Try my new method- instead of sheep, i picture the new Row collection!

Feel your eyes growing heavy?

Limbs beginning to relax? Mind wondering?

The stress of the day falling away as you start to drowse…..

‘Oh no, Mr Darcy- you mustn’t gaze at my bodice like that-‘ 

Giggle giggle giggle…..zzzzz

Gees!? Is that the alarm already???

Photo credits: vogue.com

34 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday The Row

  1. Hmmmm did you say something??? I may have dozed off………
    Bring back the fictitious animal print with fluorescent pink accents and ill-fitting trousers with poorly fitting coats – I miss it – 😦


  2. Jen (NY) says:

    It strikes me as an effort at simplicity that went wrong. Also, at the prices these garments sell for, it seems like there could be a little more interesting details. Arfulblasfeme’s comment about it seeming “Orwellian” seems about right.

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    • I am taken back to the fashion magazine articles about how a woman cannot live without a classic white button down and a statement trench.
      Inspector Gadget collection?


      • Inspector Gadget collection – oh perfect! I bet there are some cleverly hidden gadgets in some of these. That first coat especially seems to have room for an extensive spy kit.

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  3. It is like a new TV series…”Welcome to the Island of Drab” where contestants spend 24 hours a day wearing monotone baggy clothes and try to think happy thoughts until they are rescued 2 weeks later having fashioned knives and cut up the clothes into something more modern and flattering. Coconut bras, anyone?


  4. Hee hee hee, fun commentary. But, I really like all these pieces. Nice lines, very sleek and long and very wearable. We can always add colour and pattern to these staples.


  5. Now, with just a little fitting adjustment here and there – the sleeves a little shorter, definitely – I would happily wear anything here! And so, apparently, would most of the audience members spotted there in the background. (Ah, dull suzies of the world, unite!)


  6. Jenny says:

    Do you remember when Punk fashion exploded onto the scene? Since then it has been absorbed into the fashion scene and been pretty much accepted. Wearing next to nothing – literally – seems to be current. Perhaps this is the beginning of the next big fashion revolution – reestablishing the establishment?! This isn’t beige and boring, honest! Its brave and edgy, breaking out of the mold (or into it?).
    I do like the last two coats and the blouse and skirt. I can see a long leopard print scarf on that leather coat.

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