Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! On this glorious holiday we must take a break from rolling eggs, trying to get that plastic grass out of the vacuum cleaners brush roller, looking for leftover ham recipes and guiltfully clicking by Cecil B deMille Bible classics to watch Hoarders- to visit my favorite place!

Yes! The best Easter Island of all- Helena Bonhams pate. It never fails to dazzle and delight!

I only wish I loved her feet as much as I adore her head….

Why is she never at the Met Gala? Is Sarah Jessica Parker afraid?

If they made a tv show like supermarket sweep where I got 15 minutes in her closet with a shopping cart…..

 I so wish my stylish crazy was as potent as the Hel’ BC!?

Yeah, I’m not feeling like doing the hair today- bring me a horse halter wreath from Ascot, m’kay?

It’s like her hair always needs some sort of security blanket- it cannot be alone.

Safety first, lovelies!

This was a bit of a surprise-

Oh, to be a holiday atop these follicles!

Happy Easter to all!

Photo credits: Pinterest. 

11 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. I actually really love the feet too–as person resigning themselves to wearing “stable” “comfortable” shoes and not wanting a pair of black Asics….or -shudder- Sas brogues (loafers? they defy description beyond “Sas”)…..

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  2. Supermarket Sweep…talk about a blast from the past–my little sis and I watched that show every day during that one summer we had cable… 😉

    I really hate her shoes though. Why must they look so orthopedic?! Someone should tell her that they do make stylish AND comfortable shoes. I get wanting to be able to walk when you’re 80, but that doesn’t mean you have to break out the clodhoppers now!


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