Wearable Wednesday Delpozo

Ugh, I hate family picture day!?

Especially after Nanny took that ‘recycling hamper liners’ class at the co-op.

Shut up- i think my corsage is trying to crawl up my neck and eat my brain!

Whatever Wendy-  at least yours is flexible!?

Remember the year nanny learned to knit, but not prewash? 

Yes, yes we do. 

I kind of liked the origami class- but I’d pay to see her learn to let down a  hem!?

Stop complaining- I look like 2 short nuns tried to body slam me?!

But did your bows get caught in the escalator at Sears?

I wish!

Photo credits: vogue.com

42 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Delpozo

  1. I could fix most of these. I like some of the colors.

    For some reason the last one made me think, Star Trek: TOS bathrobe. I don’t really remember seeing a bathrobe in ST but remember the blankets were made of some kind of weird shiny stuff? That’s what I thought of.


  2. Mel says:

    When we look at weird clothes like this, we think “Surely, I could take that fabric or that top and do something better looking with it.” I think designers look at decent looking clothes and go “Surely, I could take that ensemble and do weird crap to it and make it look stupid…err, I mean edgy.”


  3. Emily says:

    Weirdly, I rather liked most of these (modified, of course for actual Wear) down to but not including the last three. The first several shoes, however would have resulted in everyone stepping on each other’s (and their own) bows and falling about the place!


  4. I agree with some of the comments – a handful of the garments aren’t too terrible but totally need different models. I would wear the center dress in the top pic. Yet, I cannot look at the 7th pic down – the girl in the beige/pink has what I suppose to be a rose looking like a single oversized boob or a belly button in the wrong place. Ugh! Also, don’t know if it’s their shoes or what, but the poor models only look like awkward pre-teens who are pigeon toed and used to covering up from the sun! Or maybe they are flushed from crying beforehand – that happens prior to forced family photo shoots – “Smile for the camera…Whah!” Love this.


  5. Who hasn’t been body slammed by nuns or whacked with a set of rosary beads while fidgeting in line? These 12 yr old models with big ears and slippers just make me cringe. Who makes a sweater in a tube and adds sleeves? Isn’t it just a big 1980’s leg warmer? Big plaids and solids certainly can be combined a bit more tastefully. I’m with Jay…what would these clothes look like on grown ups?


  6. LindaC in AZ says:

    “I look like 2 short nuns tried to body slam me” – I started to laugh out loud when I read this. Then I had to explain why to my husband. He read this and lost it at “Nanny took that ‘recycling hamper liners’ class.” Thanks for this good giggle.

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  7. I look forward to Wearable Wednesdays so much! Thank you for sharing every week. And yes, the laughs and snorts cause coming from me cause my husband to say, “What…?” This week’s clothes make the children, oh sorry, models, look like “drowned rats” as my mother used to say! Your comments are perfect! THANK YOU!


  8. Some of these structures (I don’t really think these can be called ‘garments’) are genius. But thanks for making me unable to ever view corsages in the same way again…


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