Wearable Wednesday Gypsy Sport

I don’t know if I can do this. It’s like they are taunting me. I’m going to try something here. I’m going to only say positive things. Until I explode.

Well, doesn’t she look comfortable and breezy.

I do believe that green truly makes his eyes pop and the long lines really elongates his torso. Marvelous.

This is killing me. Deep breaths. Oh look- she’s in brought in the newspaper for us- how thoughtful. 

Sadly, camouflage is meant to make people invisible to others- such a shame to not see this one!

Aw, I love doilies, how truly functional they are- 

Must fight the pain….head exploding….must not make reference to Dead or Alive….

Seriously???? That’s it! That is it! How can I remain positive while looking at the uniform for a defunct Jerry Garcia themed hotdog stand????

Sigh….I tried. Got anymore of that koolaid? I’m just going to sit quietly and let you tell me how much you love this collection!

Photo credits: vogue.com

47 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Gypsy Sport

  1. Right. Yes. I was baffled by this fuckin’ horrible mess, so I googled the designer. Seems that this was inspired by homeless people. Models were cast from protest marches and demonstrations. They donated some of the proceeds to a homeless mission.
    Gotta love that I suppose. Hideous clothes though. Hideous.

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      • Emily says:

        Honestly, they should have donated All of the proceeds to the homeless mission. I mean, this is insulting to homeless people, who may sometimes but not Always be mentally or emotionally challenged – which this collection seems to invariably be reflecting. Surely a genuinely creative person could have used far more reference points like the space blanket and (more) carefully placed holes or make-do attachments like tied-together bits and pinned bits, frays etc. to produce something actually evocative of homelessness yet pride…? Bleh! Bleh!

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  2. Sweet Jesus! It seems as thought each outfit was getting worse and worse until the final couple came out and I just lost it on the aluminum foil dress. I know it was probably made from those practical space blankets they wrap around traumatized survivors of wilderness adventures and those rescued from avalanches but not on the runway! All the shoes look like the ones my father wears for diabetics. Camo boy’s image has been burned into my brain…


  3. susan snow says:

    They look like extras from a zombie horror film. Would really frighten little kids. I think these are the worst yet. Always look forward to your wonderful narratives, you make my day!


  4. sewbussted says:

    Wow, I thought that we had seen some pretty awful stuff, but this was just downright depressing. Hmmm, could that have been the point?
    Thanks as always for a little Wednesday morning fun 😊


  5. Fabrickated says:

    No. Just desperately sad. I couldn’t laugh – not enough reference points to fashion – more like ghost train.


  6. Karen says:

    Yikes!! Was the person in the tie-dyed apron a man or woman? I couldn’t tell…pretty scary looking collection-both the clothes and the way they were made up.


  7. You know, I was just thinking… The photo immediately before the camo outfit. They should have used the camo fabric to make that one. It would have been the perfect hunting outfit. You know? Deer in the headlights?

    Sorry. I’ll just show myself out now.


  8. Jehanne says:

    Do these recruits realize that they were being used for cruel human experimentation? That is ghastly and demeaning to the human spirit.
    I wonder if they all got a framed photos of themselves doing this, since this is probably their one and only brush with high “fashion”.


  9. So…. for all the humane and socialist sentimentalities, however noble, inspired by this collection – is that a price tag I see on the shoes in Pic 1?
    I will have nightmares having seen this……

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  10. The price tag on the shoes probably goes with the un-seen sticky tape on the soles of the shoes: so they can return the shoes and recoup some of their $$$. Certainly no one will pay much for these clothes…

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    • Emily says:

      Certainly no one will pay Anything for these clothes – I’m beginning to see how they could engineer a truly money-raising event with these: The entry ticket to the show pays for a party afterwards and an outfit number. The deal is that you have to wear the outfit you “win” to the party immediately after hot bidding on Not having to wear this or that component of “your” outfit! The results could be lucrative and the party could be rather fun if all everyone had to add to their own outfit was a scruffy Seuss hat or laced leotard (under one’s skirt etc.)… a touch of silly to break the ice as it were…


  11. How incredibly ridiculous. This is just trash, not ‘fashion’. If you’re concerned about the homeless, instead of wasting $$$ putting together this insane mess, why not just donate money/resources/time etc to a local homeless shelter? This is just tacky and wrong. Who does this ‘designer’ think he is to make such a ‘statement’?! No surprise that the models were “cast from protest marches and demonstrations”…who else would think those were ‘cool’ to wear?!

    WHERE are the Valentinos and CHANELS of the future??? These trivial little collections are just depressing…and annoying.

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    • Side note: Don’t be throwing your sewing tools at me for the models comment…it’s not meant to be an insult to anyone who speaks out about things they believe in. Hopefully these folks agreed to model BEFORE seeing the clothing…;)

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  12. Jenny says:

    I seriously have to admire your positiveness. I would have struggled to say anything more that well done to the models for (hopefully) working out which way round to wear them! This is wrong on so many levels whilst trying to make out they are doing it for such noble reasons.


  13. jenbp says:

    As the old lady said when she kissed a cow, ‘it’s all a matter of taste’. … No cows here, so I guess it just tasteless 🤔


  14. Jehanne says:

    Every time that I see that second model with the green I think that I have seen him somewhere before. Then, it hit me.
    He is the jolly green giant off of the can of corn! Or, at least he is a first cousin. Or, if Frankenstein and the jolly giant had a baby,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    I”ll bet that he is a handsome man without that.
    Wonder if he sent a picture to his mother.
    Look Mom! My fifteen minutes of internet fame!
    Hopefully Mom has a sense of humor.

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