Wearable Wednesday Anouki

As Elinor strolls the catwalk, her ruffle has morphed into a viper and is slowly slithering toward her othopaedic oxfords. She has no idea of her peril!
Louise was ever the professional- at the last minute she moved her cervical collar to a jaunty hip wrap and went for it!

Oh, NO Wanda- no one will notice you were behind the gym with Fergus- you aren’t a bit disheveled!?

Purse or the purloined artful dodgers cap?

Oh Penny, just shave your legs already!?

Just grab a sleeve- we haven’t got time for details!

Brenda showed her dominance by wearing the pelts of her enemies lounge chairs! 

Photo credits: vogue.com

21 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Anouki

  1. There are details I like but overall it all looks so slept in.

    BTW, is this the “millennial pink” everyone is talking about? Pink for people who are afraid of pink.

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  2. Jehanne says:

    You know what I like about these photo shoots? I like the fact that they all seem to be wearing socks and comfortable shoes. S—weet!
    I love me some shoes and socks.
    The ankle is one of the bodily parts that has never received it’s fair share of embellishment.
    Lets see some ankles, with some socks.
    You know that socks can be crazy, wild or beautiful, too.


  3. You could call this collection “scraps and straps” as most of this stuff doesn’t co-ordinate in any way. Had a huge laugh over Louise and her cervical collar! Keeping it handy when she has to testify in court? I’m with Eileen…having you been sewing anything for yourself?

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