Wearable Wednesday Chloe

Nostalgia! This is the same coat Archie Bunker wore every day back in the 70’s!

This is what Archie Bunkers toilet wore every day back inthe 70’s!

Am I seeing an opening for the models tube feedings? 

As part of the education I bring you- let me state the importance of an emergency outfit on hand. Too many people end up in the emergency room looking like this when little Fergus puts a salamander in his ear at 3am. 

You could punish Fergus for his worrying you to death by making him wear this Little Lord Fauntleroy business:
This year We’re into recycling. This used to be the bean bag chairs from the I Felta Thi fraternity house- doesnt she look jaunty?

Major pattern placement issue- unless you like being called cobweb crotch….

Photo credits:vogue.com

23 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Chloe

  1. Side splitting over the recycled bean bag comment, and the emergency room in the small hours. Some others are salvageable, you could put a judicious pin over the feeding tube hole, wear the chiffon blouse with something else, rake out the coats on bonfire night _ no not to put on the guy

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  2. You know… I’ve been off a day all week. I’m confused. Is this Wearable Wednesday or Throwback Thursday?

    Actually, I think I might like the coats if they were in different colors. Especially the fuzzy one. I wan to pet it.


      • Mel says:

        Yes, local news outfit! I was actually on the front page of our local paper in my pajamas. I was neighbors with the kid who went up in a balloon. Hee hee. I even looked in my backyard in case the little shit fell there. I agreed to the reporter using my photo so I could send it out to people joking “my ensemble was from Foxy Lady Fashions”. I had a lot of fun with it. A coworker went to a conference where someone asked her “How would you like to be that woman on the front page of the paper in her pajamas?” and my coworker said, “I know that woman.”

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  3. If you look carefully, her crotch is actually wearing that mask from all the Scream movies…

    I Felta Thigh….ROFLMAO!

    At least these are funny tragic and not like the last couple where it was just a horrific waste of textiles!


  4. Karen says:

    Flashback! (and not in a good way) Growing up in the 70’s we had living room furniture in a similar plaid as that first coat.


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