Wearable Wednesday Wolk Morais

Rupert knew he’d killed it in his job interview- he’d worn his lucky boa just to be sure!

Evangeline turned to personal service jobs for out of town business men when the circus closed down.

Drop crotch overalls are never good….

‘Phil! I knew you’d come back-‘ Vera said to the trench coated figure who entered the luncheonette looking like yesterday’s news already wrapping Tuesday’s fish….

Louise hated bra lines- so she always wore armored bodices.

Yvonne knew she’d never get out of the steno pool unless she could get Mr Finkles attention with her sassy can do spirit and incredibly high waist….

Arden bought Farrah’s original wig at auction and knew she was the belle of the ball!

Photo credits: vogue.com

14 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Wolk Morais

  1. Emily says:

    After the first two (all about feathers) it became all about pulling fabric in toward some central point as though some giant invisible fist had grabbed them by their clothes in the middle of their chest or the crotch or the wherever… a sort of “in the grip of fate” look, where fate is sometimes rude.

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  2. Hmmmm… strange. I find myself wanting to like some of these, the blue in particular but I couldn’t have worn anything like that even when I was the model’s age and now not even Spanx can tame my curves.

    The feathery thing looks like what 1930s movie drama queens wore for lounging around elegantly and being melodramatic.


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