Wearable Wednesday Romance was born

It promptly died.

Erin was always being accused of scratching the pews at St Scurrilous. But dang it, she never missed mass- even after an all-nighter.

I was going to delete this shot, but hey- my phone may have offered us the best way to view it.

Darren’s Goth Nutcracker was a surprising hit- 

Louise’s mother finally got her money’s worth on her old dance recital costumes by making her wear it to prom.

Somewhere out there- either Kim or Kanye is wearing this….

When you win a prize you didn’t want-

Adult coloring dress?

Come on Gwen Stefano- you know you want these pants-

Gees- that floral arrangement is ugly- gees it’s totally distracting!?

Oh- that’s what the designer was smoking….

Photo credits: vogue.com

29 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Romance was born

  1. O! M! G! The designer certainly must have been smoking something!

    True confession: I sort of like the adult coloring book dress. Not that I’d wear it, mind you. It’s a bit much even for me but it’s just so interesting.


  2. sewbussted says:

    When the email initially opened, my first response was, “oh no!” Then…officially speechless.
    The silver lining(BTW, which could have been used on a few of these pieces), the more bad design we see, the more we appreciate the good.

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  3. JenL says:

    When lawyers get caught doing something bad (i.e., prof. ethics violation) here in NY the disciplinary decision usually states what law school that person graduated from. I propose the same for fashion designer violations.

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  4. I think we should rate designers on a misogyny scale. This one clearly despises women. But I suspect a lot do, judging by their attempts to portray women as sullen, soulless and ugly.

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  5. Agnes says:

    I’m pretty sure I sat next to Erin at St. Scurrilous (pray for us) & glad to see she’s found a professional niche for herself! The rest…unspeakable. Really. What were they smoking and is there any left for me? I need something to help me unsee this stuff!

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  6. What woman doesn’t want her dress to be below her nipples?! You’re being such a prude, Anne! 😉 And, at least the Kim/Kanye outfit has built in “camouflage” in case Kanye is a commando kind of guy, so there’s that. 😱 😛


  7. Mel says:

    Among all the WTFery, I like the fabric in the first photo. Also, I’d say the designer does hallucinogenics….writing words on the body like those words are so important….I’ve seen it before in college dorms.


  8. By the time I got to the adult colouring dress I realised I had actually been frowning very, very deeply, At least the colouring dress made me smile, it is almost redemptive (but not quite). There should be heavy penalties for designers wasting fantastically gorgeous fabrics in this way. *frowning again* *deeply*


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