Wearable Wednesday Hellessy

The models here!

Oh good job Phil- she looks really lifelike. 

Let’s do the indoor photos first- before she defrosts. 

Phil! I told you to get a fresh one! Look she’s starting to slump already!?

Well the budget didn’t call for that! It’s no big deal- we’ll splint her- 

Really Phil? You think this is working? Don’t pull to the left so hard!

Fine. I’ll just put her there and you can wait while I get the harness. 

Better? I knew it would work-

Ugh, Phil she’s dropping on the rented rug. Don’t worry- I’ll prop a fan in the cuffs. 

Photo credits: vogue.com

22 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Hellessy

  1. Emily says:

    Those shoes! She looks like she’s wearing her mother’s heels from the closet and can’t quite figure out how to stand up in them…


  2. Hmmm… I think I could work with some of these. I keep going back to the red and white striped top. The sleeves need to be about 6 inches shorter but other than that I like it.


  3. Most of these are actually rather lovely- but the poor model needs a square meal, splints, and her own shoes. I LOVE high heels, but not when they look like torture devices…I can just imagine the blisters!


  4. Amy says:

    I love the pleats on the striped top. Most of this is very wearable, maybe the model was trying to show us that you could actually move in these clothes? 😂


  5. Like others I had to go back to look st the clothes and, unusually for one of your posts, really liked aspects of them. That poor girl does need a good defrost followed by a square meal. Even a round one would do!!

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  6. That model is crazy flexible! I’m in love with that blue ruffled skirt, the blue plaid shirt, and the blue striped shirt with the twisty business (except the sleeves on it, not a fan). But really, I just want ALL the fabrics, so gorgeous!!


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