Wearable Wednesday Vilshenko

This collection feels like it was inspired by Natassia Kinski visiting her therapist at the Dakota:

Oh, Dr Feldstein, I want a pony!

Ariel was asked to find another therapist after it was discovered that it was she that kept stealing the window sheers.

Lulu found the cacti to be kindred spirits to her warmth. 

Saffronia set fire to her stepmothers fur vault and refused to sit like a lady.

Pansy was a wallflower that refused to consider blooming.

Muriel convinced her twin that she was an only child. 

Harriet ran naked thru her grandmothers DAR charity tea and no one noticed.


Photo credits: vogue.com

29 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Vilshenko

  1. Jenny says:

    I am just fascinated by how incredibly tall Lulu (in the blue outfit) looks. Compare her to the furniture and she looks like she’s been stretched.


  2. ceci says:

    The boots are perfect in every way. And all the cutwork embroidery and bird embroidery, and big red dots….. Not terribly accessible styles but the plants look healthy.



  3. Most of the clothes (except for the red pieces and the navy jacket) look like thrift store finds where you convince yourself that “it’s vintage, so it will look cool” but really it’s not the right kind of vintage, so you wear it once, feeling like a weird grandma the entire time, and never wear it again. The model, however, is lovely, if inexpressive.


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