Wearable Wednesday Vivetta

Im so glad Daniel Radcliffe has found more work!

This collection is all liverwurst and bananas for me. Things I like in small amounts but not near each other. 

Legs- those are legs. Evil clown blouse with disembodied legs.

I hate the underwear waistbands. Yech. But I think I hate the weird decorative napkin folding blouse more. 

The latest in incontinence chic!

Hey! Louis xiv called- he wants his slippers back!  Oh Land o lakes I am a funny girl! 

Giant office supplies will give the model a precious elfin look- trust me! I know things!

Paloma vowed to stand on Diegos porch until the entire Fellini collection had played and he tried to leave with that slut Alba!

Are those water pumps? Is that why the pockets are waterproof? No. That implies thought and planning. 

Photo credits: vogue.com

26 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Vivetta

  1. I actually like some of this—it’s given me ideas for embellishments on pant legs (love those plackets and tres chic buttons!) as well as the swirl of organza down a long sleeve….

    That clown blouse, though. Change the colors up a bit and you have a Charlie Brown shirt. And I’m not a fan of rick-rack.


  2. These are like those meals you throw together using all the left overs, and decide to improve with utterly random selections from the herb and spice rack – herbes de Provence, fennel seed, why not a dash of curry powder too?


  3. These are what we called “high-water pants” in my day, which, I suppose, might tell you that “my day” was a long long time ago. I’m not sure though. I stopped keeping track after high school.

    Most of these clothes are not terrible, just a little off. I’m strangely attracted to the top of the green pantsuit.


  4. Mel says:

    Just realized there is a row of white legs separating the top black half and the bottom orange half of that stupid-looking blouse. So much creativity, Vivetta.


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