Wearable Wednesday Dondup

Designers are faced with so many fiscal issues now. They must diversify! Dondup exemplifies this with their new KFC uniform collection:

Also designing the 2017 tour costumes for Kid Rock:

Parochial school uniforms for St Parsimmonious: 

Safety tip Ladies- store your wallet in the fly zipper area- then you can clutch it in public and look offputting to strangers:

Ms Winslow, our gym coach  was really effected by her Easter break trip to Tijuana.

Not one to make idle threats- Wandas mother told her if she didn’t pull those pants up she’d make her wear 2 pairs!

There is no happy medium in Dondup suit land:

Photo credits: vogue. Com

20 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Dondup

  1. I’ll take the plaid coat and the green plaid boots…the rest are a hoot! The parochial school uniform is a bit too short for Mother Superior’s approval though.


  2. Emily says:

    Wouldn’t you think that having models try to look delighted to be wearing what they’re wearing would send a better message than having them look fashionably sullen and resentful? I know they’re trying to look mean and urbane, but the pants hems scream “never step off the runway” – urban streets are Not places to drag those hems along… gum, spit, pigeon droppings (and worse)…


  3. This blog is so educational. I never understood pompom trim before. Nip down to the charity shop, pick up a tracksuit in a garish colour and add the edging from your Nan’s cushions. Inspired.


  4. sewbussted says:

    You know you’ve danced just a little too much when you have to have shimmy and shake trimming on a track suit 😉


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