Wearable Wednesday MuiMui

Oh mercy upon us!? Are they remaking Herbie the Love Bug again?

Something tells me the male flight crew doesn’t have to wear bubble rompers!?

  Kanye manned the BBQ all weekend in this little number:

Private Benjamin approves.

Damnit, I like this blouse.

Riff Randall is this years muse apparently-

Ok, this fabric is too fun! We’d better stick on some plush elephant ears to bring it down a bit.

Linda moonlights as a waterproof picnic area-

Crash test dummy chic:

The return of polyester triple knit!

Photo credits: vogue.com

20 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday MuiMui

  1. Are we entering the era of “Uniform Chic? The waterproof jumpsuit would be so handy for dog washing or pressure washing your patio! But the elephant ears wins hands down!!! Maybe there are zippers in them so you can hide candy and a cell phone?


  2. I like the blouse too, and if I needed a boiler suit either the pale blue or the khaki are a notch above what’s available in the DIY store here. There has to be a back story to the elephant ears ………..

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  3. My daughter loved the blouse, too. When I asked what she liked about it, she said, ‘Um, the ‘beardedness.'” She also liked the short flight suit (but greatly disliked the bagginess).


  4. JenL says:

    Riff Randall! I did like those satin jackets in the 70s/early 80s. MiuMiu is fun, but feel a little uncomfortable in this pants-less look nowadays…


  5. Haha I love your take on runway shows – I’m certain of a good laugh every Wednesday! Thank you. Very very humbly I dare correct the spelling to Miu Miu ever so sorry, hate myself for it. And agree with Eileensews, I miss your sewing reviews.


  6. Mel says:

    Looks like MiuMiu likes grommets and iron-on appliques. Kanye’s plastic-y barbeque top is hideous looking. And it would just melt anywhere near the barbeque.


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