Wearable Wednesday Vika Gazinskaya

dont you hate style bloggers who do the ‘its a skirt! add a belt- its a sassy day to night party dress! knot the upper back and its a triceritops!’

No seriously Betty- just add bust darts and it will really come together-

Cold shoulder, ruffles, halter neck! Score!It’s a trend trifecta!!

Arlene- you had better be using a coaster on my Biedermeier!?

Yes, Honoria- I’ve even brought extras…

The first 100 people who can show me their copy of The Mccalls version from 1992 get a groupon coupon for the resort collection!

Please join my celestial husband and I for the sabbath meal. My sister wife Hester is bringing her tatertot surprise!

I’ve never seen a trench coat that made me this sad. Flappy sad. 

I am so over puddle drapes for formal dining rooms.

Vera! The bra stuffing goes INSIDE the cups!!!

Photo credits: vogue.com

28 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Vika Gazinskaya

  1. Coaster girl…bad enough that the top is weird but her pants were hemmed 10 inches with what? Duct tape? So many disjointed styles and themes…it is sad when the only decent dress is worn by a sister wife.

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  2. Obviously, some middle school home ec class decided to go for it last semester when their teacher had a nervous breakdown.When they did the runway show in the gym, Miss Wanda couldn’t stop crying, and nearly all the mothers recognized curtains from their formal dining rooms in one form or another.

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  3. I gave up tent camping years ago. Getting too old to sleep on the ground.

    Actually there are three of these I like. Things improved a bit after the tents but did keep backsliding into WTF? territory.


  4. Mel says:

    In the 80s, those sister wife dresses were all the rage at weddings, graduations, etc. and I used to think “How is this ugliness a current trend?”


  5. gilliancrafts says:

    Pssst – a blogger who is writing a post for The Sewcialists about her favourite inspiring bloggers would like to include you in her list – can she use a picture of you from your blog? Pretty please?


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