Wearable Wednesday Rodarte

Hayfever Wedding Edition!

Maybe I could just rip off a flower or two and reposition them over my…..no? Are you sure? Maybe I could have some eye brows?  It won’t delay the show but a moment….


Get I get a Fanning sister? I need a Fanning sister pronto!


No Cecil I haven’t forgotten anything- I have my foliage in place, right?


This is for the big action scene in ‘Wallis Simpson- from Baltimore to Balmoral in 4 humps’ – she whips off her capelet and fights for more jewelry….


Old men everywhere are feeling justified by their suspender/belt combos today- obviously 1 belt just isn’t enough for some waists!


Oh you crazy sisters ruin the coolest fabrics!



Obviously our runway was a cat free zone.


I love this skirt as much as it would hate me…


The new Dorothy Lamour prom collection-


After dismissing the press people, the Mulleavy sisters and High Priestess Anna Wintour lead their last model to the baby’s breath and diet coke anointed altar for a sacrifice to the catwalk gods….


photo credits: vogue.com

27 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Rodarte

  1. I actually like several of these, with a few obvious additions and subtractions of course.

    I also love your new picture at the top of the sidebar and the lovely, flowery background over on the far left of the screen.


  2. sewbussted says:

    What mother wouldn’t love to see her daughter walking down the aisle with nipples leading the way?
    I really like the shoes 👠 😊
    Gotta find something nice to say!


  3. What a beautiful setting for some “interesting” outfits. I actually quite like the Dorothy Lamour prom collection, with the addition of lining. Then I moved on to the “baby’s breath Lion King” outfit below that. I don’t know what to think anymore.


  4. Emily says:

    I wore a new bathing suit one day that did this thing exactly – and that’s exactly the rigid expression and posture I used to try to pretend nothing was wrong as I tried to make my least attention drawing way to the towels… after I realized, of course…

    This collection looks like the fairies had a ball and the evil step sister (and her almost as evil side kick) attended.

    Liked by 1 person

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