Wearable Wednesday House of Holland


Seeing a lot of musical influences here- the Partridge family bus-

Elton Johns Bar Mitzvah outfit-

I swear I saw Chastity Bono wear this on her parents show!

I’m sorry- Miley in her lowest rave moment rejected this-

Isnt a corduroy sundress kind of counter productive?

Look- the old green room couch from CBGBs!

The masseuse backstage at Coachella looks a bit put out. 

Photo credits: vogue.com

10 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday House of Holland

  1. Hmm. Not as totally WTF as some of your recent offerings, just scruffy and charity shop-ish. What’s with the makeup though? The poor loves not only look starved and miserable, but like they’ve been on the receiving end of some domestic violence. Not great.


  2. wouldn’t those shoes come in handy for kitchen wear? you know, for when you need to reach the top shelf, the one that you wonder who they design the kitchen for. cause really who is that tall anyway?

    oh yeah. the clothes. sorry. all I see is shoes, and broken ankles from falling off them.


    • Jenny says:

      It would be interesting to see the girls try to walk in those shoes – kind of Herman Munsterish! I notice the model has very red knees, presumably from falling on them. I think the shoes weigh more than she does sopping wet.


  3. sewbussted says:

    I was relieved to see that the shoes not only come in black, but that there’s a red slide version too! They will be perfect for any occasion when I need to see above the crowd. And, they are super versatile as we now see that they will work with every color and fabric one can imagine!!!
    Thanks for the fun 😊


  4. At least those shoes will keep anything from crawling on their feet…and from the looks of the set, I’m thinking mice at minimum…!

    Where do these people find the folks with more money than sense to support such ‘endeavors’…and WHY??? Clearly I’m missing an investment opportunity somewhere.

    Thanks for another Wed smile!


  5. Moms, it’s good to let your toddlers dress themselves; they need to learn but a little supervision is necessary.

    I want the last fabric. Just several yards of the fabric, not the mini-bathrobe thing.


  6. JenL says:

    Hey, you know, if I was 22 and going to a party I would wear these. Except for the Partridge bus and the cbgb couch – patchwork has never really appealed to me.


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