Wearable Wednesday Vetements

Ugh- if I have to look- so do you!

She’s begging for a bicycle to knock her out of this outfit!

Are her feet that big or is a clown hiding behind her?

I think of this pose as ‘pouting with cramps’

Does she have a spare outfit in the bag under her  arm? We’ll wait while she changes….

You have to perfect a sexy bowlegged walk to keep the boot squeaking to a minimum. Life lessons. I give them.

First glance I really thought her leg was swung over the dumpster and I kind of understood why. 

This feels random. 

I highly recommend that you go see the rest of this collection. Not for fashion inspiration, but for amusing street style what the f’ery. Exhibit A:

Photo credits: vogue.com

29 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Vetements

  1. sewbussted says:

    Well, now I know what to do with all my old calander tea towels, make a wrap skirt and wear them over tights. Now why didn’t I think of that? 😜

    You made me laugh this morning. My day is off to a great start!

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  2. They are all writhing in pain as the alien virus begins to transform them into… something else.

    I highly approve the inclusion of an older model. She’s the only one who looks sort of normal. Even her outfit isn’t bad.

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  3. I just can’t. I mean, I was on about photo #4 before I actually SAW the outfits. Bloody hell. There definitely IS a clown, but he may not be behind her [have you seen/read ‘American Gods’?] The little bit in the chains and her mum’s shoes reminds me of my youngest daughter in her slightly goth/tramp days. And what the flying fook is that long giant teatowel calendar thing in pic #4?

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  4. Katrina B says:

    I’m so glad I took your advice and reviewed the entire collection, along with Vogue’s commentary. It did require a second cup of coffee, but I have new respect for Vetements’ designer (although not his designs – gag!). I’m also incredibly impressed by his neighbors!!! I lived in Switzerland for a year, and for a people that invented the cuckoo clock, they seemed remarkably un-whimsical. Clearly I missed a lot! Thank you for an eye-opening Wearable Wednesday – more so than usual. 😀


      • Annie says:

        You nailed it, again. Always looking forward to wednesday. But I might have to disappoint you and Katrina. I am a Native from Switzerland and with the exception of a couple of years in the States, I always lived in Switzerland. I don’ t know sbout the whimsical part, but I can reasure you, that we did not invent the cuckoo clock, those were the Germans.
        Concerning the outfits. Even so, some of the backgrounds aren’ t really nice, I would say , they are still the best parts of the pictures.

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  5. jenny says:

    That second one is – errr, miserable, weird, unnerving! Are her head and legs on backwards? Thank goodness for the little older model – she looks happy!!!


  6. I feel I’m missing out. So much time wasted trying to get a stylish outfit on the go. Just grab anything from the attic, mix it with a jumble sale find, and wear it with shoes two sizes too big.

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  7. ellecsews says:

    I’m pretty sure I could assemble a reasonable facsimile of any of these outfits from my local Value Village for $12. Maybe not the shoes tho. Off I go to the Vogue website now. Thanks Anne!

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  8. where do you find these ‘gems’ – the too big shoe – too funny, and I feel I missed a fashion moment by not holding onto the calendar tea towel – which is probably why I can walk around undetected and unobserved (now I feel like the Jason Bourne in a fashion world – how exciting!)

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  9. This stuff costs money (although most of it looks like it came from a random charity shop, so maybe not), anyway, they would put their money to better use by donating it, or tearing it up and flushing it down the drain!

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